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10 Items You Can Repurpose

There are many things in our homes that no one uses, and they are present, making the place look shabby. Many will choose to be sustainable and recycle a lot of their things. Recycling is not just limited to art and craft. One can use a particular household item in a variety of different ways. We all must be familiar with the benefits of recycling, and it’s not any complex process. Recycling old household stuff helps you to use an item completely. It allows you to take the initiative to save the environment and helps you manage your household finances.


Cereal Plastic Liner

We all might have thrown away the cereal box once they were over. But did you ever think the plastic bag or cereal; plastic liner present inside the package can be used for various items such as frosting while decorating a cake? To use a cereal plastic liner as a piping bag, one must clean it and then dry it. Once dried, you can keep your cereal plastic bag liner in a cylindrical glass and scoop the frosting in the plastic liner, and then cut the tip, and here you’re ready to decorate your cake. One can also use cereal bags to store your burger patties in your refrigerator as they will keep the food good and use less space in the fridge. One can also use the cereal plastic liner to pack or store food in the refrigerator by sealing it with a vacuum sealer. You can also use this to crush nuts and crackers without making a mess around.  

Net Bags Or Mesh Produce Bags

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You might have got a lot of these kinds of bags while shopping for groceries. One can effectively use this net bag rather than just disposing of them off simply. If you’re a fan of wool needling, you can use a net bag to peacefully keep your yarn and needle. You can also use them as a cleaner to clean your utensils. One can always use it for creative purposes and make a wall hanging, or you can use it as a stand for keeping your earrings. 

Butter Wraps

Once your butter has been unwrapped and you transfer it to the container, you don’t have to dispose of the butter paper. You can collect it together and keep it in the fridge. Once when you decide to bake, you can use these to grease your pan. If the butter wraps are in good condition, you can use them to store your burger patties separately from each other, and they won’t stick to each other. 

Glass Jars

These are some of the most accessible items one can reuse without much work. If you have an empty glass jar, you can serve a mocktail or different types of coffee in it. You can use it as a piece of decoration and add a lot of aesthetics to your home. You can make beautiful water candles for your home. You can use it as storage for grains and beans. One can also use glass jars to make yeast at home and also to keep flowers. 

Disposable Razors

Most of the time, the blades might lose their sharpness once the razors are not used for a long time. Also, when you constantly keep shaving, the edges get too blunt. Instead of throwing away the razor, you can reuse it to remove pills from your sweater. You can use this method to remove pills from any clothing material like t-shirts, hats, scarves, and many more. 

Egg Carton

If you have any plastic-based egg cartons, you can use them to pack mini cupcakes and muffins you made. You can also give the egg carton to any of your friends who own a chicken as a pet, as it will be helpful to them. If your egg carton is paper, you can just split the carton and use it for sprouting seeds. Once the embryo has grown enough to be planted, you can just wet down the paper carton and plant them. The wet paper will decompose with time. You can use this egg carton as an organizer to keep your small items like pins, buttons, hair tie jewelry, and many such items safely in it.

Tissue Boxes

You can use tissue boxes to collect all your grocery bags storage. You can pick plastic bags just like tissues. You can also keep these empty tissue boxes on your study table or your working desk to collect small pieces of garbage like pencil shaving, discarded paper wrappers. You can even get a little more creative and use them as draw dividers to help you organize your things. They can go on your bathroom counters, where you can throw all your cotton swabs and single-use makeup products. 


Manier times when you get a newspaper in various items also if you’re a reader you might give away your newspaper, but there are other ways you can use your newspaper. Suppose you are the type of person who parks their car out in winter, and when it snows, you might see snow getting collected on your windows. You can prevent this from happening by just using newspapers. You have to layer your windshield with a few newspapers at night. Newspapers are excellent absorbers of odors. If your shoe smells, you just have stuffed your boots with newspaper. You can even add newspaper to the diaper bag or refrigerator to minimize the foul odor. Newspapers are widely used for packaging as you can use them for protection while shipping. Newspaper can also be used to clean windows and glass mirrors as they leave no fiber behind so you can get clear shine.


You can use tin foil to soften a hard rock-solid pile of brown sugar. All you have to do is wrap your brown sugar in tin foil and heat the foil in an oven/microwave for five minutes at three hundred degrees, and your sugar will be ready to use. You can also use them to shine silverware present in your house. All you have to do is place a piece of tin foil on the Baking dish and place your silverware on it. After adding 1-2 teaspoons of salt and the same amount of baking soda and hot water. Allow the silverware to soak in it after ten minutes, remove the silverware and rinse them. You can use a ball of tin foil to remove the crust from your iron pans. You can also use them to sharpen your scissors. 

Cardboard Tubes

We all tend to throw away the cardboard tube present in the toilet rolls, but what if, rather than throwing them, you can use them to organize your office supplies on your desk? It will be so helpful to you. You can decorate it as you want. You can use them for your clothes, especially pants and leggings, to prevent wrinkles. All you have to do is cut through one side of the tube and slide it at the bottom of the hanger and tape them. You can hang your pants over the tube. 


These were just a few ways to use the materials that are simply present at your place, and you could use them in different ways. Creativity has no boundary, and so does recycling.