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All Electric Kayak

Let’s say the weekend is approaching. But the thought of paddling isn’t appealing. When the fishing spot is far away, all you need is an electric motor. You can take the plunge without thinking twice. Given below is a buying guide for the best all-electric kayaks. Selection tips follow the models. Are you excited already? Take a look. 


Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Are you looking for a motorized fishing kayak with ample storage? Colorado XT is your model. It offers a great combination of functionality, comfort, adventure, and agility. You also get a two-position waterproof and weatherproof motor mount. You can mount the electric motor on the preferred side, left or right. Colorado XT even works well with mid-sized and small motors. 

Perks: This kayak with a motor also has a transport wheel that moves the boat. You can pack up and haul anytime as the side tubes are inflatable. The foot brace is also adjustable. Best, mount the rode holders in three different positions. 

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Cons: Thin anchor rope.

Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 120

Take your motor-powered kayaking to another level with the Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 120. With the least effort, you can have a fantastic fishing experience. Some of the premium features include a built-in motor (12V Minn Kota). It delivers a thrust of 45 pounds. In strong currents and windy positions, the kayak holds its position. 

Perks: The deployment is easy because of a life-assist technology. Old Town kayak with an electric motor is compatible with both lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. 

Cons: It is expensive.

Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100

In search of an excellent motorized kayak? Take a look at this model with many worthwhile options. The Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 is versatile, stable, and affordable. There is no mount for the electric motor, but the rough shape looks like you can upgrade anytime. You can purchase a universal motor mount (trolling). Next, attach it to a stern and install the motor. This kayak is exceptionally lightweight. It is somewhere above 100 lbs. So, either install a mid-sized or small motor. 

Perks: Some features include rod holders, comfortable backrests, and footrests. This motorized fishing kayak is compatible with most trolling DC motors. 

Moreover, the storage space is plenty for a lot of fishing gear. And the boat has a durable UV resistance system. 

Cons: The cost of the motor is not included in the package. 

Pelican Sentinel 100X 

The more compact and smaller kayaks are still in demand, even if their size is growing. Pelican Sentinel 100X, a lightweight fishing kayak with a motor, is an example. Despite the weight and size, this motor-powered kayak has a lot to offer. It is only 45 lbs heavy. Yet, the performance, level of stability, and functionality are brilliant. It easily handles a lot of weight (up to 300 lbs).

Perks: The best part about Pelican is you get a universal trolling motor mount. So, it gets easier to install any size of DC motors. Further, it’s lightweight and stable. 

Cons: The storage space is limited. 

Tandem Kayak Hobie Mirage Oasis

This tandem kayak provides speed, level of stability, and quality. The Hobie Mirage Oasis is comfortable and brings impressive performance. While several kayaks are cramped, Oasis is different. Even for large anglers, this boat guarantees 33 inches of beam. So, for your legs and elbows, there’s enough space. Propel this tandem kayak using the MirageDrive pedaling system. But, for both paddling, pedaling, you can install a trolling motor for more power. 

Perks: It offers pedal drive, paddling, and trolling motor options. There’s a high degree of comfort and stability.

Cons: Oasis is a high-end tandem kayak. So expensive. 

Catch 100 Angler Kayak

Check out this kayak with a motor from Pelican. Catch 100 Angler is a quality product. You get a new dimension of utility and comfort. And even if the design seems simple, its performance is excellent. There’s ample storage of 35 lbs for all your fishing gear. The exceptional level of stability will please you. However, you won’t find a built-in motor. Still, you can install an external trolling one. 

Perks: Small, compact, and adjustable. It goes well with most standard DC motors. 

Cons: Maneuverability of gear tracks might be challenging. 

Jonny Boats Bass 100 Angular

It is a fantastic motorized fishing kayak that functions smoothly. You can install many accessories and outfitting options on this model. And that’s why anglers love it! Mount an outboard or trolling electric motor at the transom because the model doesn’t come with a built-in. For high speed, outboard motors are the best. If you prefer a trolling motor, pick one with a steering system. 

Perks: You are very affordable and completely customizable as per the water bodies; you get plenty of storage space (400 lbs).

Cons: There’s no built-in motor.

NuCanoe Frontier 12

Depending on your fishing style, this fishing kayak has everything. You can decide the power and speed and customize it fully. NuCanoe can cut through the water with an outstanding level of stability. It also serves as a tandem kayak (unlike other models) and makes room for two people. The Torqeedo, rear-mounted NuCanoe EPS motor, Honda outboard, and bow-mounted are motor options. The storage space is good, 400 lbs.

Perks: NuCanoe Frontier 12 is fantastic for choosing a fishing spot near coastal waters and saltwater marshes. It feels at home in lakes and rivers.

Cons: The deck may swell up, design flaws. 

Jackson Big Rig HD/FD 

You can truly enhance your water experience with a Jackson motorized fishing kayak. It has the all-new Flex Drive E. With three options of 24V 22Ah lithium, 12V lithium, and 24V 9.6Ah lithium models. The motor provides excellent output. You can go forward and backward at any speed using the simple control knob. This Jackson model is stealthy and quiet. The Flex E added to this kayak makes it all the more worthy. 

Perks: Has a double-layer standing pad with versatile rod holders and gear tracks. This all-electric kayak is significant and stable.

Wilderness Systems ATAK

The Wilderness Systems ATAK with Helix MD Drive goes faster and farther than other kayaks. In partnership with Torqeedo, the boat can give a range of 20 miles. It can speed up to six miles per hour. Wilderness Systems gets you an excellent fishing kayak with smooth on-the-water performance. One of the most advanced electric motor systems is Helix MD Drive. It enhances your fishing trip in many ways as the GPS capability traces the battery runtime and remaining range. 

Perks: The motor is 15 pounds, light, and easy to handle by all anglers. Overall storage space of the all-electric kayak is 550 lbs.

Cons: Issues in the pedal drive. The gear tracks are screwed into plastic inserts. 

Choosing An All-Electric Kayak With Motor

Why Power-Driven Kayaks?

A motor-powered kayak is efficient and speedy on water. While you move, it allows your hands to be free. All experienced anglers suggest that spending time on your fishing spot is better than a cumbersome pedal drive. A motorized fishing kayak opens new locations for you that pedaling couldn’t take you to. An all-electric kayak is also helpful for those who are injured or cannot pedal due to reasons. For them, it is a chance to independently enjoy on-water rides, something they otherwise couldn’t do. 

Advantages Of A Kayak With Motor

Speed is certainly one feature that makes motor-powered kayaks stand apart. It takes you much less to reach your favorite fishing spot because you save on the tedious pedal drive. Some offer up to 5 MPH speed which implies you can spend more time fishing and enjoying. Plus, the likelihood of catching more fish and perhaps, winning competitions increases. 

You experience less fatigue because of an electric motor in your fishing boat. Instead of paddling, pedaling the entire day, you can sit back and enjoy the scenes. Also, the rod holders in the kayaks save anglers the trouble of being in the same position for hours. Built-in motors compensate for the increased size of modern kayaks with more storage space and level of stability.

A Perfect Motorized Fishing Kayak

Seat Placement

Most anglers want their seats to be comfortable for a day-long journey. As the seat is placed, the better the balance of the fishing boat. You can also put more gear on the bow. Also, low seating makes paddling easier. But, with an electric motor, even high positions are acceptable.

Waterline Length

The kayak’s hull that’s under the water surface is known as waterline length. And the more significant this line is, the more will your fishing boat’s speed be. Moreover, while choosing a built-in motor kayak, look for a longer waterline length rather than the hull’s strength. Plus, pick the one with a planning hull. It cuts through the water with ease. 

Total Weight And Stability

An experienced angler would pick a lightweight fishing kayak. It provides more speed and covers long distances at minimum battery usage. Greater width is an indicator of the boat’s level of stability. But, new anglers should take slow turns until they become experts. 


Motorized fishing kayaks enhance your on-water experience. But, of course, if you prefer a pedal drive, you can choose one without an in-built motor. The buying guide above threw light on the best kayaks for anglers. It is also advised to read kayak reviews before purchasing them.