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Beautiful Autumn Decorations For Outdoors

Autumn is a season of soothing breeze and eye-catching surroundings. Decorate your outdoor porch with colorful flowers and fountain grass. You can enjoy your evenings and make your front porch welcoming. Here are the best ideas to create an autumn feel for your outdoor space.


Plenty Of Pumpkins

If evergreens suit winters, pumpkins are all your fall garden needs. The brilliant porch with seasonal fruit combines perfectly with orange garden flowers. But how to decorate them? You need not overthink the layout. You can just unload your autumn harvest over the porch and make some tweaks. 

Non-Traditional Fall Colors

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Are your eyes bored of those bright and traditional colors? No worries. Modern hues are always elegant. However, the cream and blue porch scape celebrate the fall season. It uses unexpected hues that shout autumnal spirit. Are you looking for plants that coordinate? Add dried hydrangeas and blue and white heirloom pumpkins to beautify your garden. 

Decorative Hay Bales

Your front porch can take inspiration from fall flowers. A leftover hay bail can become a perfect centerpiece. You can easily get these from a hoedown-themed party. Want to dress it up? You will require several old leather belts, wet floral foam, and flowers. 

Modern Farmhouse Decor

What do you guess modern farmhouse aesthetics include? These combine a modern and clean design with rustic, cozy elements. So, you get a neat and fresh twist on the country’s traditional style. Your fall garden porch combines Russian sage, white mums, and upcycled planters for greenery. It creates a modern, stylish, and blooming farmhouse porch. 

Fall Potted Plants

Your festive front porch need not always be expensively decorated and complicated. If you plan to create a chic but straightforward fall garden, potted plants are amazing. Take, for instance, how multi-hued croton plants go well with yellow garden mums or purple flowers. Want to add a seasonal flavor? Create a pumpkin-lined walkway. Also, think the extra mile and add a meditating Buddha statue. Since the fall season is all about getting back to business, the first thing your home needs is a calm spot. 

Front Yard Drama

If you wish to create a dramatic front door entrance, an urn planter will be unique. Since the urns are extra-large, they add a spooky vibe to your fall garden. 

Front Porch Bohemian Chic

Here’s a brilliant way to enjoy your autumn garden this year. An eclectic red, yellow, and white chrysanthemum bohemian sitting area is adorable. Ornamental kale can be those frilly foliage plants you’ll absolutely love! Moreover, decorative corn with a goldenrod frame looks impressive on the door.

Autumn Container Plantings

The container planters designed for the fall season have adorable mums and glorious sunflowers. However, if you want to add some peculiar texture, ornamental cabbage can be worth featuring. Also, it brings forth a rugged character, thereby lending a natural touch to your autumn porch. 

Tiny Autumn Porch

Even if the porch is smaller, it gives a perfect autumn garden feel. Add a large planter full of golden Craspedia, red Gerber daisies, purple flowers. You may even add ornamental cabbage for texture and yellow garden mums.

Bucket Of Flowers

If you wish to make a laid-back front porch, add a galvanized tub of fall posies. Since the colors are pleasing, your autumn garden will appear gorgeous. Add pumpkins and other eye-catching gourds for variety. 

Cozy Front Porch

You may create a cozy porch with a throw blanket and pillows to relax in the fall season. Moreover, a cup of a hot drink on a cool night will serve a perfect blend of comfort and autumn. If you want to liven up the monochrome, just add fountain grass and jewel-tone garden mums. 

Fall Colors

Do not be afraid of bold and bright-colored flower heads when it comes to decorating your fall porch. Here, assorted greenery and blooming mums enhance your doorstep. Orange and purple flowers are among the best classic fall colors. 


Autumn decorations are a great way to spruce up your front porch or garden and get into the fall spirit. Some porch ornamentations require full sun, while others blossom in shades. So, pick your favorite plants and fall flowers and ameliorate your garden brighter this year. Try some of the ideas mentioned above to completely decorate your house for the fall season.