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Beautiful Beaches Located In The US

Vacations are a gateway from the hectic schedule we live every day. Most Americans prefer a destination vacation and hence explore the beaches around the world. However, the beaches in our country are no less than exotic destinations, and you must look at them to galore some quality time. The shorelines include the sands ranging from the Hawaiian to the Caribbean. With so many different seas, how does one decide on figuring out the best beach location? Sit back, relax as you read this article which will give you insights into attractive, clean, and pleasant beaches. Keeping the current pandemic situation in mind, please go through the standards provided by CDC and check through the local administration if these beaches are open for a larger crowd. If they are, it’s the best opportunity you can grab for a quick break.


Top 10# Monterey

Monterey is situated in California and has a long coastline that can accommodate a large crowd. However, Carmel is one best beaches located in Monterey for its slow pace and scenic beauty. Monterey should be on your go-to list if you plan to go on vacation with kids and family. Apart from the coast, it also offers whale watching for sea creature lovers and a golf course for sports lovers. This state has beautiful scenic places, delicious seafood, and luxurious resorts to uplift your charisma.

Top 9# Miami

Miami is world-famous for its beach culture. Though this destination is hit with hurricanes, it does not stop what one can embrace at the Miami beach. It’s the most happening beach in the states and you ought to visit it with your friends, especially to experience the nightlife. This place is occupied with galleries, museums, and parks that can add to your trip. The resorts, hotels, and motels are affordable. Hence you need to consider this beach if you are on a tight budget.

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Top 8# Naples

Naples is a Florida town that is known for shopping and fine dining. However, there is a little propaganda made about its scenic and beautiful beaches. You would be surprised to learn that Napoli is described as one of the most romantic and relaxing beaches in the states; hence, if you plan some romantic time with your better half, experience Naples’ fine dining and luxurious hotels. Though it has very few attractive features, the solace and relaxed state are unique to its existence and should be cherished at least once in a lifetime moment.

Top 7# Cannon

Not your camera brand but the scenic and calm beach of Oregon. Cannon beach is known for its enchanting view. You can sit there throughout, experience the sunset while the sky is painted reddish-blue. The waters are accompanied by sea components such as puffin habitats, haystack rocks around sea animals. However, the water along the entire coast of Oregon is very rough and cold. This makes swimming very rare, and hence you will hardly have time in the water. But if you are someone, who finds solace in the sea ambiance rather than the dives, then this is an excellent opportunity for you to discover this unique jewel.

Top 6# Outer banks

They include chains of barrier islands located along the coast of North Carolina. It is popularly known as the “graveyard of the Atlantic” because one can dive into windsurfing, scuba diving, fishing, and even attractive wildlife watching. This destination offers various options because the lanes are filled with old lighthouses, exotic rentals, simple and tasty local cuisine. One thing to keep in mind is that these beaches are highly secluded. Hence, you won’t find a large crowd here because it spans a wide area. If you plan to go to a private or less crowded destination, you need to check into this place for its simple yet elegant natural beauty.

Top 5# Laguna

This beach is located between California and San Diego. At first, you may feel it’s nothing special, but once you endeavor deep into it, you will be awe-struck with its splendid beauty. Though you will find tourists all around the year, most of the coastline seems to be secluded. This destination is highly known for its historical culture.

The community present here is deeply involved with art, craft, flora, and fauna. The seal rehabilitation and rescue center is also located here, showing the community’s most profound concern towards the sea creatures. So if you too want to be relaxed on a beach and yet be close to the natural flora and fauna, with a deep consideration towards art, then this is the destination you need. Do click a lot of pictures to admire its scenic beauty in the future.

Top 4# Destin

Destin is titled as world’s luckiest fishing village. While you may wonder they have plenty of fish, it doesn’t end there. The city’s official trademark includes a white crystal clear shore due to the Appalachian quartz. Due to this unique property, the sand is kept cool during scorching summers, and the incident rays get reflected, giving the shore an emerald tint.

Destin offers numerous activities such as deep fishing, scuba diving, sailing, and gliding activities. You can take your kids along to have leisure time in luxurious parks while you experience the emerald blue sea with lots of activities. Being one of the most adventurous seas, you can plan your next powerful vacation here for a sporty experience.

Top 3# Sanibel Island

This Florida beach is a go-to destination because it can incorporate a romantic trip, family vacation, or friends’ gateway. It’s prevalent for the seashells it possesses. You better carry along a bag to load the seashells back home because they are unique, and you won’t find a similar piece anywhere else. The location is rich with laid-back people offering you various tourism activities. The lanes are filled with fancy galleries, museums, and restaurants. Want seashells? Go to Sanibel!

Top 2# Kauai

Kauai belongs to the Hawaiian island. Its magnificent mountains align with a scenic beauty that makes an ideal space for resort vacations. These resorts are as tall and luxurious as a coconut tree. The food, music, dance, and nightlife are worth the high prices. The summer season often invites a vast crowd making the rates double up. If you plan on a budget trip, then visit this place during the Shoulder seasons. If you are looking for an adventurous visit, put on your tracking boots and visit this beach with an adventurous spirit.

Top 1# Maui

Maui is the most popular beach and is all that you need for a great vacation. Its passion, adventure, and integrity invite people worldwide to visit it at least once in a lifetime. It offers one to dance with hula dancers, walk with five species of turtles, play along the golf coast, and visit attractive tourist spots. If you want to add a lot of fun to your travel, then Maui should be on your list because this Hawaiian island has everything right from a scenic coastline and a dormant volcano to a helicopter ride. Does it sound like a complete package?


The list isn’t confined to just ten beaches. The US is blessed with a vast coastline, each having its scenic beauty and charisma. You may have noticed that no features overlap, making every beach unique in its way. That’s the kind of rich culture and passion that the beach embeds with. One piece of advice is to learn about the instructions given by the concerned beach authorities before you plan a vacation or a trip to that beach.