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Best Jobs If You Like The Outdoors

Humans are not made to sit in one place all day indoors, under the harsh glare of fluorescent lights, bound to a desk, and under constant supervision. And this is the reason why many people seek professions that pay them quite well. But you may be surprised to know that many professions will help you to seek or make your office world outdoors and get well paid better than the standard office salary. When you work out, you are at peace, and you have a more transparent state of mind. Who doesn’t want to feel the sun rays falling on the face, the fresh breeze? You know that body works miracles when working in such an environment. 


Some Of The Handful Of Professionals With The Outside World Are

Landscaper, archeologist, landscape architect, forest ranger, site construction workers, marine biologist, regional planner, etc. These are specific jobs that will keep your mind fresh and keep you exploring the world. These professions keep you engaged and are also lending a big hand in saving and protecting the environment. They motivate you to utilize things that you need and make it worth it while providing your services. These jobs will make you feel at peace and satisfied when you genuinely care about doing them. 

These jobs try to bring out the best in you, and you will explore under the trees, the sea fighting fires, sculpting the landscape. This is all you’ll enjoy. These jobs will make you respect and show your gratitude and produce the best results for our upcoming generations.


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Travel the ancient world! The job of an archaeologist is to research the places one has never been to. It includes extensive research, surveys that take you to some fantastic sites, excavation, and exploring the rare artifacts. Isn’t this interesting to hear? You’ll be uncovering secrets that have been buried in history, and this is highly mentally stimulating. You will not run behind giant boulders or dodging bobby traps but discovering the ancient world. Coming to the pay, the archaeologist can earn up to $58,010 on an average per year. Moreover, they will be achieving a sense of accomplishment in the name of humanity.

Backpacking Guide

This is an occupation that will physically stimulate you. This job Is quite challenging but at the same time makes you learn a lot of things. This job comes with a lot of challenges plus enjoyment. You will experience many things like sleeping under the stars, finding yourself amid the forest gazing at the night sky. The best thing about this occupation is you need no certification or classes to pursue this course. It would be best if you had that spark, talent, and determination in you, and you’ll lead the job. Love for nature and knowledge about the direction, muscular back, stronger leg, etc., is all you need. Also, you need an excellent vision to watch for bears. The average pay a backpacking guide gets is $60,263 per year. 

Camp Counselor

This profession needs a lot of patience and love for adults and children. If you have a creative job, then this is the best job for you. All you have to do is direct and supervise kids and also have fun with them. This job is equally rewarding as you will be allowed to enjoy yourself with youngsters. You’ll enjoy waking up every day and exploring new things, going on cycling, hiking, making crafts, going swimming. This job will keep your heart young and exploring ever. The earnings of a camp counselor are on an average of $23,870.

Commercial Fisherman

Sea lovers! This is the job for you. Here you’ll enjoy the clean, clear breeze of the ocean regularly. You can get a chance to pull up a thousand varieties of fish and seafood. You will stay on ships in the middle of the sea. But at the same time, it is a dangerous job as you might need to battle giant creatures from the depths. It is not too easy, and that too daily. It gives one thrill and a different experience on the day. 

Commercial fishers can earn up to $29660 per year, which is excellent.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers play a vital role by completing the process of settling up the garbage. And they also maintain the balance of nature by preserving the toxic debris. These environmental supporters help keep the air breathable and the water drinkable by minimizing garbage and human waste overload. It is a tough job to decompose and recycle materials that are not easily degradable. This job requires hardcore mantle planning to clear out huge tons of waste and keeps the environment clean. Their earnings are up to $62716 per year.


A meteorologist is a specialist in forecasting the weather and climate, and temperature of every region. To get into this profession, one needs to know the particular area, which often requires fieldwork to test the weather conditions and emergencies. This job is best for the ones who love nature and love to spend most of the outdoors. A meteorologist can earn up to $35,000 to $100000 per year, depending upon the person’s experience. 

Fresh Air

It is a fantastic feeling to work under the clear sky. Outdoors jobs are for those who are not the ones who like to stay indoors. Spend your time working in the fresh air far from the glare of fluorescent lighting. 


There are plenty of jobs which can give you good earnings and a better experience. You can enjoy both of them if you’re the kind of person who loves exploring nature. The above jobs are some of the best-suited jobs for you. These jobs will not let you get tired but will enhance your lifestyle.