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Best Shoes For Traveling And Extended Wear

Traveling is fun, but what’s more exciting is to walk your way through it and experience every detail of your destination. However, as much as being on foot will show you the culture and beauty, doing so in the wrong pair of shoes is not a good idea. Uncomfortable shoes will not just block your mind from enjoying but leave you with sore feet at the end of the day. 

But what is the definition of good travel shoes? Well, depending on every individual’s travel style and trip itinerary, the requirement of shoes from seeking comfort to style varies, not to mention how it completely discards the option to travel in your regular footwear. 


Comfort And Support 

Compromising comfort for style might have been a trend a couple of years ago, but not anymore. Whenever choosing footwear for travel purposes, always choose comfort over anything else. 

Similarly, consider support, especially when shopping for hiking shoes or those in rough and rocky terrain. Shoes with memory foam insoles and shock absorption, besides other orthopedic requirements, if any, must also be considered with expert advice. 

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Whether you are wearing or packing extra pairs of shoes in your backpack, lightweight shoes are a blessing in disguise. Heavy shoes not merely drag you behind others but also make it hard on your foot strength.


The last thing one would want is their shoe sole ripping off or strap falling off when walking on a foreign street and trying to make the most of the experience. Durability, therefore, becomes a critical aspect when buying any sort of shoes, from boots to sandals.


If you are not fond of carrying and managing several pairs of shoes on your trip, you would want to choose those covering a range of activities. The versatility of shoes allows you to enjoy without having to select or change pairs for different occasions. 

Performance And Style 

Breathability, and waterproof fabric, among other performance features as per your traveling needs, may come in more handy than you believe. At the same time, style is not necessarily a factor one must have to compromise with quality. There are plenty of shoes that can complement your dress and style with enough comfort, support, and versatility.

Best Shoes To Consider 

From flip flops, and ballet flats to sneakers and boots, various footwear flood the market today, categorized as per different terrain requirements and occasions. Below are some of the best travel shoes you should consider.  

Allbirds Wool Runners 

Over the years, Allbirds have gained substantial recognition for its sustainable and high-performance footwear range. Allbirds Women’s wool runners are one such excellent all-rounder shoe choice for women travelers. They are sleek, minimalistic, and more.

Whether you are walking on a cobblestone street, on adventurous dirt roads, or on bustling city pavements, these shoes ensure extreme comfort in all situations. They are eco-friendly, machine washable, and made of 100% merino wool that is soft and breathable to avoid odor, letting your feet feel fresher for an extended period.

Find your perfect fit for these true-to-size shoes with temperature control and unparalleled arch support, and travel anywhere you like without losing comfort. 

Dr. Martens Flora Chelsea Boots 

Boots are to flaunt, and these Flora Chelsea boots with sleek silhouettes are the perfect way to add a feminine touch to any travel outfit, unlike the clunkier combat boots. 

With the company’s brilliant air-cushioned sole, the boots are one of the most durable and comfortable in the market. The smooth polished surface, low sole with a plain welt, and no visible construction thread add to the overall appeal of the boots. 

Furthermore, the fact that they complement various inclement weather from rain to sleet, snow, and ice can help you benefit more with less on your packing list on your next travel trip. 

Sperry Women’s Seaport Levy Anchor Loafer 

While Sperry’s make for a perfect choice if you are planning nautical-related travels, they are still a classy and practical pair if you are not, be it as casual wear or along with a pretty lovely dress. 

These shoes are 100% leather, giving you a classic loafer feel but with a twist of slightly high heels and rubber insoles to make them super comfortable. They also exemplify style and comfort in one pair, considering the stunning and discreet anchor detail that complements every dress and occasion.

But that’s not all. These shoes come with a fully lined inside, along with memory foam, flexibility, versatility, and support for a flawless traveling experience. However, you might want to reconsider buying these if you have wide feet, as their sizing runs narrow, making them unsuitable for such foot types. 

SODA Chance Closed-Toe Multi-Strap Ankle Boots

Ankle boots make for an excellent footwear choice if you are traveling during spring or autumn. They are effortless to put on and will complement most of your outfits. These SODA chance boots are typical ankle boots with a small block heel and a zipper on the side to ease walks.

Rainbow Sandals 

Shoes may or may not take you to different places, but you cannot reach them comfortably without a good pair of sandals or flip-flops on your packing list. Rainbow understands the same fact very well and serves only the best type of flip-flops in the market. 

Rainbow sandals are high-quality leather and rubber soles, making them highly durable and super comfortable pairs that will last several years. Unlike most flip flops, Rainbows have incredible arch support, so even if you go for long walks, you do not end up with sore feet. And, the fun fact is, by the time you think you’ve worn it enough, they only have started forming around your feet. However, that also means that they have a long breaking period and might take some time before you feel super comfortable in them.

The many different strap styles, from plain to braided, are available in various neutral-colored options.


Traveling is all about a ton of fond memories, special moments, laughter, Insta-perfect pictures, adventure stories, friends, and unforgettable experiences. And, though not-so-pleasant moments also make for an inevitable part of the whole journey, do they have to include blisters, foot pain, or cracked heels?

Choosing high-quality pairs of shoes in a size that fits your foot like no other will only add value to your experience. However, anyone with a history of foot injury or other medical conditions must take expert advice on the ideal shoe brand, including using memory foam and insoles.