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Best Superfoods For Your Dog


Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and prevent cells from becoming cancerous. These tasty fruits also contain high vitamin C & K levels, calcium, zinc, manganese, riboflavin (vitamin B-), fiber, and potassium, strengthening their bones while regulating blood pressure! You can either buy dried blueberries or feed them fresh ones by the handful every day.

Coconut Oil

Adding coconut oil into their diet is excellent for dogs with weak immune systems because it contains naturally occurring antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that fight off infections within the body. Coconut oil also reduces inflammation while promoting healthy digestion since its high in fiber content! Make sure never to feed too much, though. Providing more than a teaspoon per 25 pounds could cause stomach upset, diarrhea, and vomiting symptoms. Only add one teaspoon daily if you do not see any adverse side effects after three days!

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Bananas are rich in fiber, vitamin B-complex (B-vitamins), and potassium! They help regulate blood pressure by controlling the amount of water that passes through heart muscles. Bananas also contain high levels of antioxidants that prevent cancer cells from developing inside your pup’s body while strengthening their immune system to keep infections away throughout the day. You should give them one small banana per day since too much could cause stomach pain or diarrhea symptoms!


You can either buy plain yogurt with live cultures at the store or make it homemade using dairy milk for dogs who suffer from yeast infections! The good bacteria found within probiotics will fight off harmful toxins within the digestive tract while preventing fungal growth like ringworm. Yogurt also contains high amounts of calcium, strengthening your dog’s bones over time while preventing the formation of arthritis. Just make sure never to give dogs more than four ounces, or they could get an upset stomach!

Raw Honey

Adding raw honey into your dog’s diet is great for their digestive health since it acts as a prebiotic to encourage the growth of healthy bacteria within their GI tract! Honey also helps them digest food properly, but they should only receive small amounts every day before bedtime. Giving dogs too much raw honey at once could cause diarrhea or vomiting due to its high fructose levels that are difficult for pups’ stomachs to process.


Broccoli is rich in fiber, vitamin C & K, manganese, and omega-three fatty acids that help regulate blood pressure within their body. These antioxidants also reduce inflammation throughout all organs within the body while protecting cells from becoming cancerous due to free radicals found in sunlight. You can either steam broccoli before giving it to pups for ease of digestion or feed them fresh raw ones by the handful every day! Dogs should only eat one small stalk daily since too much broccoli could cause gas or diarrhea symptoms.


Adding flaxseeds into your dog’s diet is excellent for reducing arthritis or inflammation within their body over time! They also contain omega-three fatty acids that keep a healthy heart and lungs functioning while strengthening cell membranes to prevent cancer cells from becoming malignant. Flaxseed oil capsules are the best choice since you can buy them at most stores in pet supply sections. Alternatively, you can give dogs one teaspoon of ground seeds every day if they do not experience negative side effects after three days.

Sweet Potatoes

You can add sweet potatoes for dogs with sensitive digestive systems because they contain high amounts of fiber! They also have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain throughout your dog’s body while reducing the chances of developing arthritis in their older years. Give them a medium-sized potato every other day to prevent any adverse side effects from occurring. After three days, if you do not see any problems in digestion by giving too much, then continue feeding it.

Peanut Butter

It would be best never to let dogs eat peanut butter on its own since it contains an ingredient that causes organ failure called Aflatoxin B-one. This toxin is produced by mold and gives peanuts their strong smell and dark coloration when left out for too long. However, this does not mean you cannot add some into your pup’s diet as an occasional treat! Dogs with diabetes should only consume small amounts since consuming large quantities could spike blood sugar levels within their bodies.


Besides being delicious, mangoes are great for keeping your dog’s skin healthy and shiny over time due to their high amounts of vitamin A & E. Mangoes also contain antioxidants that prevent free radicals from causing cell damage within the body! You can either give them fresh ones after every meal or purchase canned puree from pet supply stores before feeding it to them throughout the day! Dogs with dry skin symptoms should consume one small mango every other day since it could cause diarrhea or an upset stomach if they eat too much at once.


You can either steam kale and give it to your pup with each meal or purchase frozen organic leaves from pet supply stores. Kale reduces cancer risk & pain throughout all organs in the body, but it also reduces inflammation that could cause allergies or arthritis symptoms in dogs. Kale is also a great source of fiber that keeps the digestive system regulated. Still, it is crucial to prevent overfeeding kale since too much could cause stomach upset or diarrhea symptoms.


You should purchase green kiwi fruit if you want your dog to receive all benefits associated with this superfood! Kiwis reduce arthritis & inflammation within their body while fighting cancer cells and preventing them from spreading throughout other organs in the body as well! Feeding dogs small amounts every day before bedtime will help keep digestion running smoothly.

Acorn Squash

Besides being tasty & containing high doses of vitamins A & C for your pup’s skin health over time, acorn squash is excellent for reducing pain in dogs with arthritis symptoms due to its antioxidant content found inside this superfood! Dogs with diabetes should not consume any because it contains high carbohydrate levels that are difficult for pups’ stomachs to process without causing blood sugar spikes during the day.


The superfoods mentioned above are all great for your dog’s health! They reduce pain levels, inflammation and even help with cancer symptoms over time. Feeding your pup one of these foods daily is highly recommended since they provide high amounts of essential vitamins & nutrients that cannot be found within other types of food or supplements. These benefits will keep their bodies running smoothly without causing any negative side effects if you do not give them more than the suggested amount during each feeding session. Always talk to your vet before attempting to alter their daily diet in any way!


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