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Best Times To Visit National Parks

If one thing drains the excitement of traveling to famous places, it has to be the crowd! From pricey tickets to traffic, the public often comes in between, letting you enjoy the tourist space at its fullest. But for sure, traveling in peak season has its perks, and this makes it all the more worth taking the fall.


Why Should You Visit In The Peak Season?

Peak seasons attract a large crowd, not just because many people get to enjoy the vacations! It is because this is the time when nature is at its best, letting you enjoy both weather and scenery. Hence, if you choose to travel off-season, you might be letting go of the beautiful visuals. 

A reason to travel during the peak season is that the crowd attracts with itself more business ventures. Hawkers and peddlers set up a business making the nights livelier and shopping more enjoyable. 

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Though avoiding travel in the peak season might be the obvious conclusion for your travels to avoid crowds, there are more reasons why a particular time is the best for visiting certain places. Hence this calls out for other tricks and strategies to not let your vacation be spoiled!

The Right Timing Is The Key!

It is all about finding the right timing. Planning the time to set out, hike around the parks, and go shopping is the key. If you can find the gap between the crowded time, you can plan a much enjoyable walk in the parks.

For the days to visit: While traveling during the peak season, look out for national holidays and the weekends since they tend to attract a large crowd. Beware of the holidays that come in strings till the weekend, as more people set out with vacation plans when they have a more important day in hand. If you can break down the demography of people who visit, you can roughly estimate the crowd that may stay on a particular day. You can then choose from the weekdays (or weekends) that see less footfall. 

Even for a particular day, you can see the most popular time when people visit. Hence, plan your trip so that you can enjoy the most fantastic attractions of the place before people come in! Maps or local guides will be able to tip you about the hours that see the maximum audience. 

The office hours make traveling difficult with the long traffic halts, primarily if the destination lies within the city space. Hence, calculate the time for travel and plan to reach before the crowd starts growing!

Select The Places Accordingly

Choose the destination wisely. The crowd you are susceptible to face depends on the place you visit. Hence, if you have to travel in the peak season, you can check out less popular sites. Or the unexplored area of famous places. This makes sure you can enjoy a peaceful walk with beautiful sights rather than flocking together with the crowd.

However, you might have to ditch the popular trails. The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, etc., are large enough to accommodate the crowd even during the rush hours. But rather than sightseeing, go the unconventional way by hopping off the car and trekking along the trails.

Plan And Book Ahead!

Traveling in the peak season will make you stumble on another hurdle than the crowd- the bookings. The peak seasons are not only pricey, but the tickets sell out pretty fast.  Hence make a rough itinerary and decide on the places you want to stay. If your trip exceeds one day, look for camping sites in the parks themselves rather than the hotel. This will give you a better head start than the others, plus you can enjoy the natural bounty more closely! 

Perks Of Off-season Traveling!

Because the summer months of July and August are the peak months, taking a slight detour and planning a trip a month before or after the peak season might be another way to escape the crowd yet enjoy the wonders. 

Dwindling crowd but, with same perks of nature and ambiance, mid-June and early September are also a hot favorite for the travel enthusiast because:

    1. The rates are considerably low. Hence you might save some bucks if you avoid the rush period.
    2. Booking can be done easier and is much more flexible.
    3. You can enjoy the wonders without the rush.
    4. You can get better pictures! 


Traveling in the peak season can show you hard-to-see beauties if you know how to avoid the crowd. Or, you can shift your plans to June or September, to enjoy the same at leisure! But catching on to the little gaps and sticking to a plan is a must if you want to avoid the crowd.