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7 Houseplants That Will Help Reduce Stress

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out? If so, adding a few houseplants to your home could be just the thing to help reduce stress levels. Not only are plants visually calming and aesthetically pleasing, but studies have also shown that even looking at them for a short period can help lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the body.

Plus, caring for plants is therapeutic; it’s great practice for improving organizational skills! Whether you’ve never kept a single plant alive or are an experienced green thumb, this article will provide insight into some of the best houseplants that offer more than just physical beauty – they’ll also add emotional calmness and serenity to any living space.


Why It’s Important To Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is vital in leading a healthy lifestyle, as it can help prevent physical and mental illnesses. It can also increase overall well-being, including improved self-esteem, better sleep, more focus, and greater control over life. People who manage their stress levels can better communicate with loved ones, handle difficult situations calmly and take on challenges confidently.

Reducing stress can allow you to enjoy life more fully by allowing you to relax, spend time doing enjoyable things and achieve your goals without feeling overwhelmed or burned out. Through mindful activities like meditation and deep breathing or relaxing hobbies like gardening or cooking, you can learn to embrace moments of peacefulness that will ultimately empower you in all areas of life.

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Houseplants That Will Help Reduce Stress

Snake Plant

Reduce Stress

The Snake Plant is a great addition to any home. It is known to be an excellent air-purifying plant, reducing toxins in the air like carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. Moreover, it has been shown in numerous studies that looking upon or being near a green living organism reduces levels of cortisol (the hormone related to stress) in humans.

The hardy nature of the Snake Plant allows it to tolerate low-light conditions meaning that it is easy to care for; It requires minimal watering and can even go for months without water. Its distinctive foliage adds unique style and a boost of color to any room, making the Snake Plant a practical and stylish choice for any home.

English Ivy

Reduce Stress

English Ivy is a great house plant because it’s low maintenance and can bring a peaceful feel to any room. It requires little sunlight to thrive in most corners of your home. Additionally, the plant has air-purifying qualities and removes volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde from the air when it grows.

As a great stress reliever, English Ivy helps lower anxiety levels when simply caring for the plant or being in its presence; its lush and calming shade of green is particularly calming among other bright colors in living spaces. English Ivy is an affordable and easy way to improve your home environment while adding color and helping to reduce stress.

Peace Lily

Reduce Stress

The Peace Lily is a great house plant for better air quality, improved moods, and added beauty. This foliage easily takes care of itself if it’s in the right environment with enough sunlight and water – plus some occasional fertilizer. Not only that, but research suggests that having plants like the Peace Lily in one’s home or office can reduce stress levels.

This might be due to its clean air-purifying effects or the connection people have made to these flowering plants, often seen at funeral services to help mourners cope during such difficult times. This low-maintenance yet gorgeous houseplant is an excellent choice for an aesthetically pleasing environment with holistic health benefits!

Rubber Plant

Reduce Stress

The Rubber Plant, scientifically known as the Ficus elastica, is perhaps one of the best house plants to have in your home if you want to reduce stress. One of the main advantages of this plant is that it can thrive in many conditions and needs minimal maintenance. It is also naturally air purifying – as it removes toxins such as nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde, and benzene from its immediate environment, making it an excellent choice for indoor air quality and areas with a lot of air pollution.

Additionally, the Rubber Plant helps promote relaxation and productivity due to its drama-inducing shape and glossy leaves. Not only will it provide extra oxygen, but even having such a grandeur plant in your living space gives an atmosphere of elegance – so much so that you can’t help but feel relaxed!

Aloe Vera

Reduce Stress

Aloe Vera is an amazing house plant, as it reduces stress and has many uses; it can survive in any environment and even thrives in drier climates. Not only is growing Aloe Vera easy to do with minimal maintenance required, but the gel inside its leaves is very beneficial. The gel is great for treating many skin conditions and can be used externally or orally.

Aloe Vera is a great houseplant that also adds to a healthier lifestyle by reducing stress levels. Additionally, research has shown that placing an Aloe Vera plant in your home or workspace can reduce anxiety due to its calming presence. Finally, this plant stores water during drought, so it does not require watering frequently, which greatly decreases the work needed for its upkeep.

Bamboo Palm

Reduce Stress

The Bamboo Palm is a stunning addition to any home and has multiple health benefits. Bamboo Palm offers notable potential for reducing stress. Its tall, elegant leaves create a feeling of luxury and can help restore balance in any environment. In addition, the Palm releases humidity into any room where it’s placed, which helps maintain air quality and ward off seasonal allergies.

With stress levels at record highs in the world today, having an easy-to-care-for houseplant like the Bamboo Palm with known stress-reducing properties can be invaluable and bring joy to your living space. This house plant can be placed near windows where it will get plenty of light or tucked away in any corner for a nice pop of greenery that brightens up your home. Furthermore, its low-maintenance care requirements make it the perfect addition to any household, from small apartments to large homes.


Reduce Stress

Lavender is becoming an increasingly popular houseplant for a good reason. It looks beautiful and has many benefits that can help reduce stress and anxiety. People have used the aromatic scent of lavender for centuries to soothe their minds, help relax tight muscles, ease insomnia, and even reduce depression.

Studies have even suggested that strong fragrances like lavender have the power to produce a calming effect. Lavender also adds aesthetic pleasure with its velvet purple flowers throughout the spring and summer, filling any home with a serene color palette. As such, owning a lavender plant can make it easier to invite calm into your home or workspace and create an overall sense of relaxation and peace.

Reduce Stress Today!

These are just a few houseplants that can help reduce stress. Whether you’re looking for an air-purifying plant or one to help calm your nerves, there is a perfect houseplant for everyone! So go ahead and add some of these amazing plants to your home or workspace today and feel the benefits immediately!