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How To Make Your Backyard More Pet Friendly

If you have a pet, the chances are that they love spending time with you outside. They may not be able to voice it, but your four-legged friend wants to spend as much time outdoors as possible. However, there are many ways to make your backyard more pet-friendly and create an inviting environment for your four-legged friends. You can do some things without too much hassle or expense; other elements require some investment on your end. No matter what, your pet will be grateful and happy to spend time in your backyard.


Check Your Fence

Make sure that there are no holes or gaps in it. If you have loose boards, nail them down securely so that they don’t shift and create an entrance for your pet to escape through. Also, make sure that the fence is high enough; if the fence isn’t tall enough, your dog may jump/climb over the fence and escape.

Also, bury some chicken wire or a similar fencing material into the ground on either side of your fence line, or create a barrier using potted plants or some other type of edging. This will help prevent your pet from trying to jump onto/over things as they explore around your yard, and it will also prevent them from digging under the fence to escape.

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Secure Your Pool

If you have a swimming pool, make sure that it is secure and your pet cannot access it. Even if your dog can swim, you don’t want them getting into the pool unsupervised. Not only will this create an accidental drowning hazard, but it could also result in illness or injury due to ingestion of water or other contaminants. Securing your pool can be as simple as putting a child safety fence around it.

Create A Safe Space For Your Dog

Create a place in your backyard where your pup is welcome without fear of them getting into any trouble or damaging anything. You can do this by installing an above-ground dog kennel with small holes for the wires, so they cannot get caught in them. You can also create a run or pen for your pet where they are safe. By creating an area that is “dog-proof,” you will ensure that your pet stays in this space when you cannot watch them.

Make Sure Trash Can Lids Stay Closed

If your pet is determined, they may be able to find a way into your trash can. This will create an accident waiting to happen, and it could result in illness or injury for your pet if they eat something that should not be ingested (such as animal feces or other unsanitary objects). To ensure that your trash can lids stay closed, secure them with bungee cords or some other type of fastener. Your trash can lids should stay perfectly in place, even if your dog is trying to knock them open.

Install A Doggy Door

If you always keep your backdoor open so that your pet has access to the backyard when they please, there is a chance that they may dash out into traffic or get in trouble with another animal. Installing a doggy door that leads into an enclosed area will ensure that your pet is safe when they are in the backyard alone. Installing a doggy door may require some carpentry work; contact a contractor or other professional to get an estimate on this job.


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