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Important Things To Get Done Outside The House Before Winter

It’s that time of year again, where you are forced to put on a sweater because it is just too cold outside. The leaves have fallen from the trees, the snow has started to fall, and it seems like winter will never end. But before we know it, spring will be here, and life will go back to normal. Before the long winter sets in for good, make sure you get these essential things done outside your house!


Prep Your Windows And Doors For A Colder Season

You do not want to be stuck inside your home either because even though it may feel nice and cozy, you need some fresh air! You can avoid this inconvenience by taking care of windows and doors, so they are ready for winter. Clean out window wells outside first before getting any tools or equipment to prevent dirt from coming in through cracks, leading to mold growth over time.

Second, wipe down the exterior surface of the glass on both sides with a towel moistened in warm water, making sure there is no room left for fogging up between panes when temperatures drop again. Finally, make sure all entry points into your house have weather stripping installed correctly, along with caulking around door frames that have been allowed enough time to dry completely before temperatures drop.

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Never Stop Maintenance On The Outside Of Your House

First, unplug all electronics such as stereos, computers, printers, and gaming consoles, so they are fully powered down when wiping them clean or doing any other chores around the house that use warm liquids like dish soap next. Second, wipe screen displays with a soft cloth dampened in lukewarm water, making sure there is no leftover residue once finished along with allowing each device enough time to air dry naturally after being plugged back in again before colder seasons arrive, even though this may take longer than normal depending on how much cleaning is involved.

Clean Your Chimney And Fireplace Before Winter Arrives

You do not want to be stuck inside your home during colder months when the fireplaces are in use because this can make you feel cozy, but it is crucial that they are clean before using them again! First, ensure there is proper ventilation available, which means opening windows in advance and placing fans facing outward if possible.

Second, sweep out any debris or ash from last season by getting a metal brush with bristles along with wearing protective gloves making sure you never go up into the chimney itself without help because falls can happen unexpectedly at times even though you have done everything correctly so far. Finally, dampen cloths in warm water, only again, being careful not to mix electricity and liquid accidentally along with wiping down all exposed surfaces before lighting the fire again.

Winterize Your Vehicle

Car troubles are the last thing you want to deal with when colder temperatures arrive because they can make your commute much more difficult than it needs to be, so keeping your vehicle ready for winter is a must! First, ensure there is an emergency kit inside of the backseat and trunk at all times, which includes jumper cables, ice scraper (with a brush on one side), shovel (on top of snow chains if possible), along with extra warm clothing like hats and gloves.

Second, check tire pressure every month by using a tire gauge as well as checking levels weekly, especially before driving anywhere on snowy roads or highways that may cause damage due to poor traction even though this process should take place twice per year anyway no matter what kind of weather awaits outside depending on where you live. Third, do not forget to have your car battery serviced by a professional before winter arrives because this can prevent being stranded in the cold, which means when it comes time for an oil change or tire rotation, just schedule all of these things together, so you are ready when needed most.



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