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Reasons Why You Are Tired All The Time

There can be a health condition that requires proper care and attention. Most of the time, you can cure excessive sleepiness with regular walks, more physical activities, and having nutritious foods. Daytime sleepiness, feeling tired very quickly is quite common. Feeling tired and not fresh, mostly sleepy throughout the day, are symptoms of the onset of various ailments. Though not necessarily it can grow in a disease, less energy most of the time hinders your growth. Especially if you are in teens or adults and less than 60 years of age, you should take it seriously and change your lifestyle. 

Various factors can be contributing to your whole day’s Tiredness. Maybe you are not getting enough sleep due to an underlying health disorder, like narcolepsy or sleep apnea. You can consult your doctor to help you figure out the pertaining health issue and improve your health. Sometimes these symptoms go away with consuming multivitamins, regular walks, yoga, or aerobics. You have to check out a way to combat the Tiredness of the whole day; if you think about why I am tired all day and have no energy?  Here are six probable reasons for you being constantly tired and offer suggestions to bring your energy back.


Don’t Skip Meals And Have Balanced Foods.

Skipping meals is one of the main reasons for not getting enough calories, essential to keeping up your energy levels. Extended gaps in between meals can cause the blood sugar level to drop, as a result, reduce your energy. You should have energy-boosting and healthy snacks and fruits between meals, particularly when you are feeling sluggish.

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Consuming a lot of refined carbs can negatively impact your health. One of the essential factors in reducing refined carbs and sugar and eating whole grains, fiber-rich foods such as legumes, and dark leafy greens.

Living A Sedentary Lifestyle

Physical inactivity over a long time brings lethargy and fatigue to the body. Exercises, yoga, and brisk walks are good ways to improve your health and reduce Tiredness and exhaustion. A sedentary lifestyle influences your physical and mental health, especially in women. Increased physical activity contributes to higher energy levels. Changing your daily routine to an active lifestyle can bring a lot of transformation in your life.

A healthy body and mind require proper eating and exercising habits. In addition, yoga is good for keeping your mind and body relaxed and stress-free. A sedentary lifestyle includes:

  • Not going on walks.
  • Not having an exercise routine.
  • Consuming unhealthy food items that are not good for health.

Vitamin Deficiency

Sleepiness or Tiredness all the time can be an indication of vitamin deficiency. Vitamin deficiency such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B-12, magnesium, potassium, or lack of iron leads to less energy and more Tiredness. You can get your hemoglobin level checked through a blood test and identify a deficiency. Your doctor may suggest supplements to improve the deficiencies. Naturally, you can also improve your vitamin and iron levels. Increase intake of specific foods to boost your energy levels, for example, leafy greens, beetroot, pomegranate, beef, clams, liver. Having these foods can reverse a B-12 shortage. 

Not Getting Sufficient Sleep

Waking up all night can hurt your health. Studies suggest your body releases important hormones, which keep the body robust and active during a night’s sleep. If you regularly sleep late, you are at risk for sleep deprivation. Sound sleep improves many bodies functions, like digestion, circulation, even excretion. You have to practice sleeping on time to avoid sleepiness, Tiredness during the day and enhance your energy all day. Sleep in a comfortable, dark, and quiet room makes it easy to go into a deep sleep. 

All Stimulating activities you can avoid before going to bed. For example, watching TV for long hours, dancing, exercising, all these activities don’t calm your nerves and go to sleep. Somehow if the sleep still doesn’t get better, you should consult your health physician. Certain herbs and healing therapies like acupressure can help you get good sleep.

Being Overweight

Fat is always one of the main reasons behind feeling tired. Overweight people get tired quickly and too soon. The Excess weight you have, The more complex your body must work to finish daily chores such as cleaning or climbing stairs. It would help reduce your weight by exercising, swimming, or going on brisk walks to decrease weight and boost your energy levels.

Eventually, stamina increases as you increase the intensity of physical activities. You have to start eating more fresh fruits, whole grains, and green vegetables along with physical activities. Keep a check on your intake of sugar, fatty foods, and junk foods. It would be best to watch your eating habits and daily routine to avoid getting excess fat.


This physical condition affects the soft tissue and muscles, but it can cause fatigue too. Fibromyalgia is one of the main reasons that cause muscle pain and tenderness all around the world. Some people are not able to sleep due to pain at night. They are not sleeping on time results in daytime fatigue and sleepiness. Taking a painkiller is not the permanent solution. Painkillers and sleeping pills hurt the system. Instead of gulping pills, regular physical therapy, body massages, and specific yoga for pain removal and sleep will help to improve the situation.

Final Thoughts

There can be a lot of reasons for constantly feeling tired and sleepy. It could be Certain medications’ side effects, sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits and patterns, Vitamins deficiency, or lack of sleep. Most people don’t consider Tiredness or sleepiness a big deal. If it is not happening regularly, then indeed, it doesn’t matter much. However, it’s important to identify general sleepiness from too much Tiredness.

Primarily excess sleepiness is cured with eating right and moderate lifestyle changes. Talk to your doctor if you still feel worn out and cannot manage Tiredness on your own. Considering the tips, you can identify and cure fatigue and Tiredness on your own. Implement all the things properly in routine. Even if you face issues, you must consult the doctor.