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Ways To Clean Up Leaves Fast

Nature has a unique environment with a gold and red color palette in autumn, but the most stunning leaves eventually fall. These beautiful leaves might cause a mess in your backyard, make it look very unorganized, and stop the growth of the seasonal grass. But, you won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning your backyard with the tips mentioned below. 


Make Sure You Have Suitable Rakes

The most important and first step in cleaning those leaves is to have the appropriate rakes in hand. Well-known rakes are loved because the bigger the rake, the easier the work is. Many of the rakes are 30 inches broad. And many experts trust the no-clog rake. 

Ensure That You Know How To Use A Vacuum/Blower 

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Using a blower/vacuum can seem like an easy task, but if you miss it just once, it can blow up your entire hard work. So here are some tips on how to use the vacuum/blower properly. 

    • Garden mulch, landscape rocks, and twigs would sabotage the impeller, pick these things up, put them to the side, and use the vacuum feature. 
    • Ensure you have a dust respirator on when shredding dry leaves and emptying the shoulder bags because it helps clean the dust. 

Collect The Leaves 

If you have a large backyard and tons of trees, you can collect the leaves in a bag with the help of the mower. It does a great job cleaning the leaves so you can convert them into mulch or compost. 

Leaf Collection 

Suppose the burden of collecting leaves is getting very heavy, and you have to haul compost using those leaves rather than bringing several plastic bags to gather the leaves. In that case, all you have to do is purchase a big bagster bag online or offline in supermarkets. Then, assemble and shift them inside of that one large bag. This is how you clean all the leaves which mess up your garden or backyard.

Make Sure You Collect Them Smartly

Rather than hauling or bagging the leaves, make sure that you rake them on a tarp so that you can shift them all-around your yard. Again, it will get easier if you have a large workforce for this.

Clean The Roof 

Moss and leaves tend to capture water, and your roof’s quality starts to get worse. With the help of the blower, you can blow the leaves from your roof. But if your roof is steep, you have to use the extension cord, or the other option is to use a rake for this task. It would be a work of wisdom if you trimmed the branches beforehand. Next, treat any mold or fungus chemically and sweep it off with the help of a broom. You can use a diluted bleach solution that will help kill the mold, but you have to be very careful while spraying it because the chemicals would kill the plants along with the mold, so spray it to saturate only the mold in the solution. Other than that, you can also order some particular roof cleaner that contains fungicides. Finally, for the root prevention of mold, you can install zinc strips at the peak of your roof. 

Gutter Guards 

Installing gutter guards can help big time in keeping the debris and leaves away, as they are known for clogging the gutters. Solid guards, which cover the entire gutter rather than a narrow crack that at least lets the water through it, also work well if you want to prevent the debris from clogging your gutter. 

Keep The Stone Mulch Clean

You might have to pull those weeds on regular occasions, but the primary problems are leaves and other trash from trees and shrubs, which mess up the appearance of your garden or backyard. The simplest method of removing the trash is either through sucking or just blowing it away with the help of the leaf vacuum. 


During autumn, cleaning your backyard can be considered a huge task, but you can clean the backyard like a pro if you opt for intelligent methods. Doing it all alone sounds like a very boring idea. Make sure you involve your entire family in the chore as it would also help you blend in with your family. This seasonal chore is inevitable, but you can complete it in more innovative ways to finish it quickly, or you can turn it into an opportunity to spend time with your family.