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Survival Items You Should Always Keep Close By

Whether you are a traveler or planning your next adventurous trip, it is indispensable for you to know about the right survival gear for you to carry and learn how to use them. These are some best wilderness tools you can include in your camping kit. These items are super handy and are easy to use and set up. These tools or gear will help you increase your chances of survival if, by chance, you got stuck up in the middle of the forest. There are some core survival tools you should always carry with you no matter what.


Survival Knife

When out in the wilderness, there is a lot of cutting and chopping to be done. In any survival situation, having a good and reliable knife is a must. It would be best to have a good quality survival knife and a blade that you can use for many purposes in your survival kit.

Your knife should be able to tear off the skin, cut bones, cut string, sharpen sticks, and other things. Its blade must be sharp and strong, and your knife should be able to cut through the most substantial material with ease and perfection. Also, by chance, your knife fails to do so, or it is lost, then you should have a backup knife of similar quality.

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Map And Navigator

Even if travelers are well equipped and might know routes among the thick forest, they should not solely depend on GPS when talking about a survival situation. You must always carry a map and navigator to help you through the woods. It is also a good option if you have a road and a topographic map with you as these are lightweight and easy to carry. You can pack them and bring them in your survival kit. Also, the important thing is you should know how to read the map and use a compass. There are many training sessions and classes online where they teach you to use them, and they develop your skill so you can use them when required.

Water Filtration

An average person cannot survive without water for more than 72 hours. You need to have at least 1 gallon of water per day, and even a few sips of water can make a difference, but you should keep in mind that too much water is also too heavy for a traveler to carry. There are almost no chances to find clean drinking water in the wilderness as it might get you too sick if drank without proper filtration.

You must have an appropriate water or survival filter with you as it is essential, and they are handy when you are on an expedition with a group.

Signal Mirror

It is unfortunate to hear from survivors that search and rescue helicopters have passed over them as they were too weak to signal. A signal mirror is also called a heliograph, and it is a must in a travelers survival kit. You can store it in your first aid kit as it is an excellent way to protect it from getting damaged. These are lightweight and reflect light at long distances signaling people to help the search team find them.

Flashlight Or Torch

If you plan to venture out into unfamiliar regions or territory, you must find yourself a good and reliable torch or a flashlight. It is better than to get lost in complete darkness. The good thing about flashlights is they are super durable and lightweight, and some of the excellent quality flashlights can work underwater. They are useful for many years, and one of the best flashlights for a survivor is the Streamlight ProTech Penlight.


According to Maslow’s theory, the most critical hierarchy needs are food, water, warmth, and rest. A fire starter is one of the essential tools you shouldn’t forget, and you must have it in your kit because with this, you will be able to cook, stay warm, sleep safe, and see in the dark if your flashlight dies. There are many varieties of fire starters you can select for your use. 

First Aid Kit

You can store more than just first aid band-aids and antibiotics ointment in your survival kit. You can store bandages, splints for supporting fractures, steri-strips to help heal wounds, and alcohol prep pads that you can use to treat any skin wounds. A first aid kit can assist you in survival up to a great extent. There are first aid kits specially designed for outdoor and traveling purposes. Consider buying one, and have one in your car.


This tool should be with every hiker as you can use it to rig tarps and repair gears. You can also use them to create a strong rope by braiding them together. Some survival ropes like outdoor elements use a high-strength paracord with access to hold you for a long time.

Space Blanket

Temperatures can rise and drop quickly after the sun goes down, and you often see this in alpine and desert regions. Your body is significantly impacted by moisture and humidity, and if your clothes and body are wet, you have to work much harder to stay warm. The space blankets are lightweight and are perfect in a bind. They help you get your body heat back, are very convincing, and keep you warm and dry.

They can not only be used to keep your body warm, but you can also use them as a great tool to cook food as a reflector by the power of the sun. You can also use them to give signals. You can also use space blankets as a trap or ground pad as a part of your shelter construction.

Emergency Survival Whistle

It is the essential tool in a survival kit, as you never know when you might need it. It is a necessary tool in your survival kit when you go to a place where the people are less and wilderness in abundance. The survival whistle will cut through the ambient noise and can travel great distances. You should remember to keep your survival whistle attached to your backpack and use it if you got separated from your group.


When it comes to traveling in the wilderness, these are the necessary items that you should not take for granted. These items are critical must-have items that you should keep on your priority list when planning to travel in the wilderness. Your survival kit should contain more of these things. You should not overlook them when it comes to space and weight because even a small tool can be helpful when your life is in danger.