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Tips For Staying Warm In Your RV

If you’re the owner of an RV, then you know that one of the most challenging parts about owning one is staying warm in it. It’s not like when you live in a house, and there are radiators or fireplaces to keep it heated. However, with some effort, lots of creativity, and maybe even a few gadgets, your RV can be just as comfortable as any other home. So here are some great tips for staying warm in your RV!


Portable Heaters

The most common way to keep an RV warm is by using portable heaters. There are tons of different kinds on the market today, including electric-powered fireplaces, infrared heaters, and others. However, you can also use your home heater in your RV! Just make sure that it is designed for outdoor heating, not just indoor heating. The same goes for any sort of gas generator or stove that may be inside your vehicle. Again, make sure they’re all designed for outdoor usage.


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While some people would rather stay cozy than be bundled up into a thousand layers, blankets can help keep you warm as well. Just make sure that you’re using a good, thick one. If one is not enough, keep yourself covered with another layer of blankets until you feel comfy! You can also invest in some heating pads or heated blankets to keep your body warm on those cold nights.

Fixing Air Leaks

If you want a more permanent solution to your heating problems, the best thing to do would be to eliminate all of the air leaks in your vehicle. Air leaks may include cracks in doors or holes around window frames. These cause the warm air inside the RV to escape and let in cold air from outside. The best way to fix these is by covering them with plastic and masking tape, but if that doesn’t work, you might have to try some other things like using insulation foam behind the door or replacing any broken or missing panes of glass that are letting in cold air.

Keeping The Roof Warm

Since most roofs for RVs are metal sheeting or aluminum panels, they tend to absorb the sun’s rays all day long and then release them at night when temperatures drop. While it’s a great way to cool down the interior during the day, it can be a problem at night. You can keep your roof warm by covering it with a piece of aluminum foil or even just a thin sheet of plywood that doesn’t touch any part of your RV’s ceiling. This will act as an insulation barrier, keeping the warm air inside your vehicle. Plus, it’ll reflect any light that may enter your RV back up to the ceiling instead of down on you!

Using The Oven To Cook

If you find yourself camping somewhere with electricity, use your oven for cooking some food! Not only does it heat the place like an electric heater, but it creates excess heat as well. This makes your vehicle smell more like home and boosts morale as well! It’s also healthier than using propane or gas stoves that may leave you with carbon monoxide poisoning if misused. Try not to huddle near the oven for too long since it can get pretty hot on the outside of the door.

Keep Extra Clothes In The RV

Wearing a few extra layers of clothing makes it way easier to stay warm while staying in an RV. This is because clothes trap air between them, allowing you to insulate yourself from the cold outside world. This is why puffy jackets are so popular. They have special tubes of fabric inside that help hold your body heat in and allow you to be protected from winter’s wrath! Just make sure not to dress too warmly, or else overheating may become a problem for you.


Staying in an RV can be challenging in the colder months because of the cold air outside seeping in through weak points. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to stay cooped up indoors all day! Instead, try to fix up air leaks around the RV, create more insulation for your vehicle, and keep the roof warm. Also, make sure to bring some extra clothes with you on your trip so staying warm won’t be too tricky! With these tips and tricks, winter motoring will be a breeze!