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Tips To Touring Your Home City

This year has been hard on everyone. With everything closed down due to the pandemic, travel enthusiasts seem to be suffering a little extra. There’s no denying that a whole lot of people will be forced to stay local for the foreseeable future, naturally forcing them into searching for safe and responsible ways to keep their travel spirits high. If your city isn’t experiencing a lock down right now, you may want to start exploring it while giving local businesses a nudge to remain afloat. Just remember to take as many precautions as you can and follow all Sops.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some great tips for touring your home city.


Witness Your City During the Sunrise

You may have been living in your home city since forever, but when was the last time you witnessed your beautiful city under the shade of the rising sun? Going out at different times of the day other than the usual 9-5 can actually be pretty refreshing.

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Start your day with an early morning stroll when you can only hear the chirping of the birds rather than the hustle-bustle of the busy streets. This is also a great time to head to a special spot such as a hilltop (if your city has one) for a golden hour view.

Visit a Lookout Point

Despite where you go, the first thing you want to see on arrival is the – view. The bird’s eye perspective of your home city can be great to give you a feel of the scale and layout of the place. Even though you might have lived in your home city for a really long time, your work and other responsibilities probably must’ve kept you from visiting the infamous lookout point in your city.

Follow a Tour Guide Book

Have you ever read a guide of your own home city? Even if you’re an avid reader, you probably never got around to reading a guidebook about your city. This could be a huge step for you! Look for your city’s guidebook online, or head to your local library to get a hold of this amazing resource. Once you go through it, you will come to realize that despite living in your city for so long, there are various sights that you never came around to explore. It will give you a chance to start exploring your local bucket list.

Join a Local Tour of Your City

This is probably one of the most obvious and easiest choices – register yourself to partake in a local tour of your city. Living in a city and going on a tour of the city are two completely different things. You may think you know about the most famous monuments and places to see, but do you know the history and interesting stories behind them?

Joining a local tour of your city can give you a history lesson alongside a hands-on experience, allowing you to experience your city from tourists’ perspectives. Free walking tours are an ideal way to explore more about your city as it offers a combination of the history of the city with interesting local tips.


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