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Top 6 Dog Breeds For The Outdoorsy Person

Dogs are the most loyal pets you can have. Whether they are guard dogs or cattle dogs, you can take them on long hikes and enjoy the cold weather. This article brings you the best dog breeds and the top 6 dog breeds for an outdoorsy person. You can take these adventure dog breeds to places and heights you’ve always wanted to go but never had a companion. Your best pet friend will accompany you to the most amazing places you’ve always wanted to visit because of their high energy. Over to the adventurous dogs and the excitement of the cold weather!

Here are the top 6 dog breeds for the outdoorsy person.


Jack Russell Terrier


The average weight of a Jack Russell Terrier is around thirteen pounds. Although it is a small outdoors dog, it can be taken for bigger adventures. These guard dogs have very high energy. Jack Russell Terrier was originally bred as hunting dogs. They have an active lifestyle just like you. 

These are eager, bold, and independent working dogs. A Jack Russell Terrier is highly intelligent to compete with the large dogs in hunting foxes. So, you have a herding dog, which is one of the best adventure dog breeds. You can fly with them on a plane because of their small size. It is an amazing breed if you live in a small space and want a small breed pet dog who plays around and goes with you on long hikes. 

Australian Cattle Dog


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It is an intelligent dog breed with an active lifestyle. The Australian Cattle Dog is a sturdy adventure dog breed with a guarding dog for cattle. This cattle dog is, to date, used as a herding dog. They are familial dogs that would go on a long hike with you and your kids. You may find the Australian Cattle dog in rescue or shelter houses. They have high energy and are a great outdoor breed. If you can, it is better to adopt a rescue than buy one from a breeder. 

Siberian Husky


The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized graceful dog with almond-shaped eyes. The blue or brown eyes of this adventure dog breed are mischievous. They weigh around 60 pounds and have high energy. The Siberian Husky is nimble-footed and quick. They are smaller than the similar Alaskan Malamute. 

They will get along well with your family and go with you for long hikes. The Siberian Husky loves adventure and can also be a good guard dog. However, they are swift and try to catch smaller animals. So, keep them apart from small pugs. They have herding instincts but stay clean and release less odor. 

Bernese Mountain Dogs


This dog breed is versatile and comes to you from Switzerland farms. Bernese Mountain Dogs are working dogs that were originally bred as herding dogs or cattle dogs. They pulled carts and guarded the cattle. Being loyal companions, they are also dogs who will go with you on long hikes. It is one of the best adventure dog breeds. Bernese Mountain Dogs are calm and friendly. They are large dogs that obey you and help in herding. 



It is an amazing dog breed for the great outdoors. Beagles are adventurous dogs with floppy and cute ears. These are happy-go-lucky famous family dogs. Beagles like Shiloh and Snoopy were made famous in pop culture. Many people keep them as pets. They play in the backyard and are more of family dogs than adventure dog breeds. The American Kennel Club says that beagles have their name from the word ‘baeg,’ which means ‘little.’ These have herding instincts and hunted hares and deer. They have very high energy and are friendly. Beagles are great travel companions and one of the best outdoor dog breeds. 

Pyrenean shepherd


It should not be mistaken for large dogs like the Pyrenees. A Pyrenean Shepherd weighs around thirty pounds. These outdoor dog breeds are employed as cattle dogs in Spain and France because of their herding instincts. Your pet can be a herding dog useful in guarding the flocks. As such, it is for your great outdoors and one of the best adventure dog breeds with high energy. It does not stray away from the owner and is very loyal. You can go on long hikes with the Pyrenean Shepherd, and it will not get tired. They are easy to take care of. 


Best Outdoor Dogs: Conclusion


Border Collies are another breed of dogs with very high energy and can walk along with you or jump and play if your kids want. It was originally bred as a cattle dog to control flocks of sheep. They are also known as working dogs because of their ability to work hard. If you want to go on an adventure trip, border collies are here for you. They also have amazing herding instincts. 

This article has highlighted the best adventure dog breeds you can take on long hikes and other adventures. Australian Shepherd is another such breed of adventure dog. Because of these breeds’ active lifestyle and high energy, they can be your best travel companions.