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Ways To Protect Your Garden From Birds

Many people enjoy having a garden. Some of them are even passionate about taking care of their gardens. However, it can be difficult for these gardeners to grow different types of plants when they have bird problems. Birds will come in and eat all the seeds and young plants before they ever get the chance to bloom. There are many ways you can protect your garden from birds, and this article will explain some of those different ways and how you can use them in your garden.




A scarecrow is a very popular way to keep birds away. These are often used in vegetable gardens, but they can also be used in ornamental ones as well. A scarecrow works by scaring the birds with its appearance and movement. The scarecrow will make the birds think that there is somebody there who will hurt or harm them if they come into the garden. This is a very effective method, but you will have to make sure that your scarecrow still looks scary after the rain and wind cause it to move around.

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Netting is another popular way of keeping birds away from gardens, especially vegetables or flowers. You can use different types of netting, and find the one that is most suitable for your garden. If you want to keep larger birds away from your garden, you can use a stronger and thicker type of netting, so it is harder for them to get through. If you just need something to keep smaller birds out, then a lighter and softer netting will work. You can get these types of netting at most home or garden stores.

Garden Fleece

Garden fleece is a very effective way of protecting your garden from small birds. This type of fleece has the same effect as netting does to keep them out, but it covers more area. You can cover all your plants that are still young with this material because it will create a full protective layer over your entire garden. When buying this material, you can choose the thickness of it based on what you think will work best for your garden. This type of fleece is available at many different home and garden stores.

Fake Predators

You can purchase or make your own fake predator for any type of garden. There are many types of predators to choose from, but the most common one is a hawk. If you have a bird species that eat seeds and young plants, then this method may work very well for you. You will want to make sure that your fake predator looks realistic and is large enough for the birds to see it from a distance. If you have a bird species that eat seeds and young plants, then this method may work very well for you. This is also a great way to scare away crows or other pests that may be in your garden.


Another common solution for a garden with bird problems is to use CDs. Place multiple CDs around your garden at different angles, allow them to spin around because it is the reflection of light that scares the birds away. When using this method, you will need as many as possible because one or two may not scare all birds that come into the area. The type of CD does not matter, and you can even use broken ones. All that matters is that light can bounce off of them.

Wind Chimes

You can also install wind chimes in your garden to scare away any type of birds that come into the area. The wind chime will make noise when they are blown by the wind, and this noise should be enough to scare away birds. You will want to make sure the wind chime you use actually makes noise and isn’t just decorative, as those won’t be effective for scaring away birds. These are best if you are trying to scare away small birds, but they can also work if you’re trying to keep larger ones away.

Alternate Food Source

Another simple way to keep birds away from your garden is to give them something else to eat in your yard. Setting up a bird feeder is one of the best ways to do this. You will want to create a feeder which is sturdy enough so that larger birds cannot knock it down. Once they have their own food source, the smaller bird species may leave your garden alone. You can purchase one or make your own simple bird feeder by using recycled materials found around the house.

Sprinkler System

An effective way of protecting your garden from birds is with a sprinkler system. You will need to set up the sprinkler with the motion sensor and make sure that it reaches all areas of your garden. The motion sensors cause the water from the sprinklers to turn on when something moves in front of them, which will scare away any type of birds or other animals in your yard. This is a great solution for gardens that are in open areas where you cannot put up other types of protective measures.

Pinwheels Or Windmills

With a pinwheel or windmill, you will need to mount it on the ground in the center of your garden. This method is fairly effective for small birds that fly into your yard. If you have a larger variety of birds eating in your garden, then this method may not work as well. You want to make sure that your pinwheel spins quickly and easily, which will provide more of a threat to birds. The reason these are effective is because of the noise they make and the wind that is created by them. Both these factors are known to frighten birds.


By using these methods, you can protect your garden from birds and keep it pest-free. They are all simple solutions that use materials that can be found around the house or purchased at most home and garden stores. If you have specific types of bird species eating in your garden, then try out different methods to see which one works best for you. Not all of these methods will keep every bird away, so for the best results try and use a few of them at the same time!