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Ways To Start A Fire Without Matches

May you never be without a fire piston or matchbox when you need them the most. But, just in case you’re out camping, it’s best to know ways to create a spark without fire starters. Sometimes despite keeping the matches and lighters in a waterproof container, they get wet in the rain. So, if you’re an outdoor person, consider the following easy ways to start a fire. No magic, pure science.  


Flint And Steel

One of the easiest tricks to start a fire is using flint and steel. You can purchase them at a relatively low cost. Further, they are more straightforward tools to start a fire in the presence of tinder kits. 

There are three necessary steps to fire without match using this trick:

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    • Create a spark.
    • You need to catch the spark.
    • That spark then turns into a flame. 

Lay a char cloth against the flint for the first and second steps. Next, use a metal striker to strike the flint. If it touches at the right angle, you’ll immediately notice a spark. And as this spark lands on your char cloth, you will see a tiny orange glow. You can quickly start a fire with that slight glow. After that, transfer the charcloth to the tinder bundle and wrap it around. Then, gently blow to light the fire. The nest will smoke and produce a quick flame. Moreover, you may use pine straw, dried grass, or twigs to feed the flame. Once it’s kindled, light your dry wood.

Magnifying Lens

Kids discover this method accidentally when they use a magnifying glass to melt toys. However, it’s handy and among the easiest ways to start a fire. As children, you may even have used the focused sunlight to put garden bugs on fire. Well, there are better ways to use a magnifying glass, especially when you are traveling. Keep it handy for a survival situation. Here’s a simple trick. Keep your tinder bundle on the ground with a kindling. Next, aim the sunbeam at the pile until it begins to smoke. Gently blow to produce a flame. 

As easy as it is to start a fire with a magnifying glass, there are factors involved. You must have a decent amount of sunlight around. It won’t work on a cloudy day. So, ensure you carry an alternative fire starter as well. 

Soda Can And Chocolate Bars

As strange as it sounds, chocolate bars and soda cans do have the potential to initiate a fire in survival situations. Here’s what you need to do. Rub the soda can bottom with chocolate. It’s because the chocolate will make the can shine like a mirror. Toothpaste can also work if there are no chocolate bars. Now that your soda can has become an outstanding fire starter, or rather a parabolic mirror, take the plunge. Sunlight will form a focal point after reflecting off the bottom. It’s similar to a mirror telescope. Interesting, right? 

Keep the tinder bundle your aim of fire initiation. Point the soda can bottom toward the sun. A highly focused ray of light will touch your fuel, which should be an inch away. And in a couple of seconds, you have a blazing flame. 

Steel Wool And Batteries

Kids can try this easy fire starting method. You require batteries and steel wool. The latter should be around six inches long and half an inch wide. So, stretch out the steel wool. Next, hold the wool and rub the battery over it. You may pick any batteries, but 9-volt ones work excellent. Keep rubbing the ‘contacts’ side of the battery on the steel wool. As the wool begins to glow, gently blow. Almost done! Transfer the burning steel wool to the tinder bundle. However, don’t waste time as the wool’s flame can extinguish soon. 

Looking For Dry Wood In Rainy Weather 

What if you’re out camping, and it’s dark and raining? When all your matchboxes and tinder kits turn useless in this wet condition, there’s also no dry wood around. Here’s where this brilliant fire-starting method comes to the rescue. 

Start looking for cedar or birch bark. It’s wet for sure. But, you need to peel a few layers to get the dry bark underneath. Then, again, look for a dead standing tree and peel its bark to get dry wood. You may use these as kindlers. So, once the blaze is dazzling, you can even add damp twigs because the fire would be substantial enough. 


From a magnifying glass or a fire plow, it’s genuinely innovative to create a spark out of varied objects. Another exciting way to initiate fire without a match is by rubbing vaseline on cotton balls. The petroleum jelly makes the latter flammable enough to generate fire. So, take a note of the fire-starting tricks above. And never let a survival situation or its darkness take the better of you