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Weird Facts About Bugs And Insects

Mother Nature is full of surprises. We have all heard stories about some unique bugs or seen them around our homes, parks, or discovery channels. Did you know that dragonflies have existed on earth for 300 million years, caterpillars have a dozen eyes, mosquitoes are drawn to smelly feet, and grasshoppers are older than dinosaurs? Well, there are many more exciting and interesting facts about bugs. 


Aphids Are Born Pregnant

Aphids are soft-bodied and small insects that feed on plants in clusters. Young aphids, unlike most insects, hatch from their mother’s body alive. They have a strange capability of being born pregnant. These do not require a male to reproduce. These tiny birds often give birth when they are only ten days old.

Some Ants Explode When Attacked

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It is bizarre. A species of ant known as Colobopsis Explodes kills itself by exploding to protect its colonyThThey a yellow slime that either kills the invader or prevents their atta by splitting their skin.

Ladybugs Squirt Smelly  by splitting their skin liquid From Their Knees

When a ladybug is scared, it emits and sprays a persistent foul odor from its knees to deter its predators. The signature smell of a ladybug’s emissions is a hideous mix of green peppers, nuts, potatoes, and musty smells. 

Mantises Eat Each Other While They Mate

The mating ritual of the praying mantises is bizarre and is even quite violent. Once the male makes the female pregnant, his head comes off – quite literally. After mating for several hours, the female mantises patiently wait for the best opportunity to devour the male mantises head. Despite his brutal fate, his agonizing convulsions pump more sperm through her abdomen. Once she is done with his head, she starts feeding on his corpse, which helps her to lay almost 200 eggs.

Houseflies Eat Their Vomit

Everyone hates flies; now you can add one more reason to your hate list. House flies use their legs to taste things because they do not have a mouth to bite or chew food. When they find something tasty, they throw up on that food item because their vomit has digestive enzymes that break down the food. Vomiting allows them to use their fluffy tongues to absorb their vomit and get the nutrients they need from the food.



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