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Benefits Of Portable Solar Panels

While the normal solar panels are huge and mostly used on top of roofs of houses, these portable ones are for you to carry wherever you want to generate energy. Phone chargers with solar panels have been getting popular in the past couple of years because they organically provide energy and charge your phone in emergencies. Similarly, there are various other advantages to having a portable solar panel with you.


Extremely Easy To Set Up

Portable solar panels do not require long wires, iron rods, or drilled holes to be set up, making them cheaper. They are so easy to set up that even an amateur can install a portable solar panel with common sense. There are solar panels that come in suitcase-style, which makes them compact and completely foldable. You need to open this suitcase and unfold the panels. Some panels even come with pre-installed cables for USB outlets, and you can connect your charger or kettle to it. 

Portability Offers Comfort And No Adjustments

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If you are willing to park under a shade, you can detach the portable panel and place it under direct sunlight. This helps you rest easy while the panels are still at work. Then, when you are ready to move, you place them back and make a move. You do not have to adjust or park in a sunny area for the panels to work. 

Less Space Required

Well, it’s the name itself. Portable solar panels are portable since they are smaller in size than those you install on the roofs. Some can even be the size of a suitcase, and some are even the size of your phone. The size certainly changes the amount of power they generate. Most of these portable panels can be stored in cupboards or under your bed. 

Extremely Low Maintenance

Rooftop panels need regular cleaning and maintenance, which is difficult because you need to climb up the roof every time. If there is a lot of dirt, sand, or snow on the panels, they would certainly not work properly. At the same time, portable panels are easier to save from these climate bashing since they are inside your house, which is why you don’t have to clean them often. They are also easier to clean since they are smaller in size.

Best Pick For RVs

Portable solar panels are trendy among people who own RVs and camp often. Portable solar panels are easy to move in RVs as they are compact. You can even set them up on the RV’s top, so they keep on charging. 

Maximum Absorption

As these solar panels are portable, the owner gets the chance to place them at different positions depending upon the sun and get direct sunlight on them at all times. In comparison, you cannot move a rooftop solar panel. 

Best For Traveling

Even if you don’t own an RV, you should still carry a smaller solar panel with you since it can be extremely helpful in emergencies. 

Very Powerful

Portable solar panels might be smaller but do not mistake them for low power generators. You can get solar panels that can produce power up to 3000 watts, which is enough to run even your refrigerator. So they are not only affordable and compact but highly powerful too.

Not Dependent Upon The Sun

The best part about solar panels, in general, is that they need daylight to absorb the sunlight, and at night they are independently running. Portable panels work the same way too. You can charge them while traveling, and wherever you camp or stop, you would be relieved to know that you have a powerful energy source. Some panels are so strong that they charge throughout the day and can provide energy for the rest of the trip. However, they do need 18-36 hours to charge and provide you with this luxury fully. Once you charge them well, you are on the safer side till the next recharge. 

No Electricity, No Problem

Power outage is quite common. Still, you do not have to face it, irrespective of where you are. Portable solar panels help you access electricity even if the power is out. As a result, you can safely run your essentials and work your way through the day or the night.


Portable solar panels are certainly the future. These advantages are just for letting you know that they are affordable and powerful. They could turn out to be the best thing if you are someone who often goes camping or on-road journeys. They are excellent for the environment, and this is the reason they are promoted so heavily.