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The Coolest Camper Van Builds

Staying in tents close to the rivers or lakes and experiencing the blooms of the mountains is a gateway to our hectic lives. However, most of you may have ventured into trekking and enjoyed the beauty of nature while being in the open. Living in tents sounds fun for a short duration. But when vacationing with family, it’s crucial to ponder essential services like food, sanitary, and hygiene. Therefore, a campervan makes a good stay for having a homely yet camping feeling. In recent times, living everyday life in a van has been quite a vogue. Several Instagram bloggers and influencers give us a sneak peek about their lives in a van. You may assume that living in a van is expensive; yes, it is. But you can even go the affordable way to enjoy the same experience.

If you have no clue on how this works, don’t panic. This article is all you need for your next venture out because the top 10 DIY campervan conversions are here for your rescue.


Why Select A Camp Van?

– Ensures safety at all times

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– Protection from harsh weather

– Keeps attacks from wild animals at bay

– Protection from mosquito bites

– Can cook your meals whenever you want

– Use of well-equipped composting toilets to go the greenway

– Maintains hygiene

– On the roads 24/7

– free movements at all times 

– live in the comfort of your homes


If you want to give a magazine cover look to your van, then @big_little_life_ is a must-watch.

Their interiors are designed explicitly for a spacious and elegant look. The vibrant colors contrast with the settings of the van, with minutely detailed walls encompassing paintings and other articles.

The living room includes space for friends and family. Lined with sofas and sittings, one can even watch TV or play games. Moving in is a galley kitchen that includes a full-sized oven and a

mini-fridge to store your eatables. At the back is a bathroom with 24/7 running water. Finally, the cozy bedroom shares the wall of the bathroom for some rest.

If you seek to live an elegant life with colors, then this conversion should be your pick. It makes a perfect “house on wheels” and a great inspiration to convert large RVs.


Not fond of huge interiors and fascinating paintings?

You may be someone looking into a minimalistic approach. This conversion by @saltythebus makes for a small bus but with a larger space inside.

Due to its minimal size, it is excellent for smaller campers. It includes space for sitting, which then can coverts into a bed, like sofa-cum-bed. Aligned with it is a kitchen then can even hold an oven.

One fascinating thing about smaller vans is that though they look small, they are very spacious inside because of the minimal equipment present. The cherry on the cake is the slide-out for a BBQ party. One gets to enjoy the breeze below the star’s flooded sky with some BBQ and chill. Doesn’t it sound fun?


Don’t go by the name but rather the feel. This van is different from the rest because it is 100% handmade and is built on a truck bed.

There are some expert skills required to carve the exteriors as the work is quite overwhelming. Finally, one falls in love with the round windows carved along shingles that look mesmerizing to the eyes.

This van is not the usual van you see. The wood designs are irregular, giving you a Disney forest feel. It makes a fancy van, and hence a little attention is paid to its interiors. All necessities are included in it, so one can experiment with this conversion for a quirky and exaggerated living.


If you are camping with kids, then this conversion is a must for you. With children in the house, it becomes essential to maintain security and make basic requirements available.

This version of a campervan by @Rambleandrevive encompasses bunk beds aligned on one side of this sprinter van conversion creating space for the children to move and have fun around.

Your luggage and items increase when kids are strong. The storage tops and bottoms make it best to store whatever you bring along. Along with the two seats in front, this van also offers two passenger seats behind for your kids to enjoy the ride trip.


This company has been designing campervans for over two decades, and so their expert in their work. Their team of professionals focuses on the innovative looks of the van and constructs it in a classy way. You can even create a full-time van by customizing it right from the floor to the exterior. The interiors are stylish, with metallic carvings that give you an office look. 

This van makes best for a work-from-home setting and so is loved by most campers as they can do some pending work during their leisure time.

Some classic features include solar panels for an efficient electricity supply. This durable van with long periods of high mileage and performance should be on your list if you’re seeking some challenging adventure.

@outside Van

Their years of experience make them the best campervan conversion company. The vans designed are carved by specialist hands to offer you a first-class experience while on vacation.

Some of their core features include sound-absorbent walls, well-designed floorings, 24/7 water supply, and overhead lighting with security features in tacked. The interior furnishing offers a smooth functional movement while you enjoy the activities of camping.

You can even customize the setting according to your needs and comfort. Fitting your budget well, this classic van makes an excellent stay for large campers.


Whether you own a Ford or Mercedes Sprinter, @Sportsmobile can accommodate all these sports mobile classics. Be it work or cargo vans, this company can make room for all kinds of vans to give them a DIY van built with a classic look.

They are open to all kinds of designs and plans, and so you can provide a step-by-step approach to customizing your dream campervan for a chic look. They also offer you various rental options to test out and experience van life before constructing your van.

@Colorado Camper Van

Their main motto is to make adventure a way of life. To do this, the vans they create need to be more accessible and cost-friendly. They can convert any van, especially their pop-top feature on high and mid-top van roofs. The interior is designed perfectly for a family to stay with pop tops and shade to experience a balcony-like stay outside the van.

The delivery time is mind-blowing, with just two weeks of pop-top projects and around 4-5 weeks for interior design. But, being budget-friendly, this company is a go-to for your camp van conversion.

The Bottom Line!

Several sites and companies provide efficient work to customers at affordable prices. The sites mentioned here are 100% guaranteed with satisfying customer service. Look through them and select the one that best fits you. 

Campervans need to be functional and beautiful for one to have a comfortable stay. Because no matter how good your day is in the wild, it always needs to end with a night of good sleep, which you would find in a camp van.

Hence, for your next trip, look for ideas from this list and make the best use of your van.