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Best Lightweight Camping Chairs

Camping in the wilderness is a real treat to all the senses. Some prefer spending time in the lap of nature, away from the hassles of the city life,  sitting in their camping chair under a tree and enjoying the lush green view with their faces brushed by a gentle breeze. So if you are one of those who like to commune with nature, then a camping seat is all you need to unwind yourself; and if you are planning for camping on a serious note, then don’t forget to hop on a chair that’s not just easy to pack and carry but also gives you comfort. You could perhaps be a beach lover, then imagine a beach side nap on a comfortable stretch back chair. So there you go; we have brought together some of the most promising lounging chair reviews. 


REI Co-op Camp X

Tip: A good investment

Key Features:

    • 1 Versatile cup holder
    • 1 Mesh pocket
    • Adjustable armrests
    • Weight 8.0lb
    • Comfort 40% 
    • Portability 25%
    • Durability 20%
    • Ease of setup 15%

Having a simple appearance, the REI Co-op Camp X is an amazingly adjustable chair. However, its seat is a little lower than other chairs, and its back support is shorter, but it doesn’t affect its comfortably. Armrests are fully adjustable, and significantly breathable mesh support provides this chair with a super smooth experience for whoever sits on it. The Camp X is more robust and durable than it looks by a strategic design that supports the body without sitting on awkward angles. This chair can be quickly set up, packed up with a simple accordion fold, and slides back into a carry bag. It is easy to carry on your shoulder or with a hand strap.

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However, the chair is shaped so that it can get caught when you put the chair back into the carry bag. The seating surface sits a bit lower than a few other chairs, which can be a problem for taller guys. It’s not the most comfortable chair, along with a typical reclined seat, and the back is upright. However, overall it’s an impressive, comfortable, adjustable, and portable chair, which happens to be the most affordable chair option we have.


    • Best investment for your money.
    • Overall comfort is versatile.
    • Easy to use.
    • Its cup holder fits big containers.
    • Not very costly.


    • Its back is shorter.
    • The cup holder is less stable for smaller drinks.

AmazonBasics Portable Camping Chair

Tip: Best choice for low budget

Key Features:

    • Weight: 7.9lb
    • Cup holder: 1
    • Mesh side pocket: 1
    • Cooler: 4-can
    • Comfort level: – 40% 
    • Portability: 25%
    • Durability: 20%
    • Ease of setup: 15%

The relatively simple accordion style of this portable camping chair is all that is promised in the name. Its back support is higher than many, with an elevated seat to keep you sitting higher from the surface. Ensuring uninterrupted relaxation provides a small cooler fixed in the armrest, which holds a maximum of four drink cans. Its opposite armrest contains a cupholder and a mesh pocket to hold a magazine or any other thin items. 

The mesh version features two mesh strips along the panel’s back to help you stay calm when you are lounging. This chair has a high back, which may be ideal for taller people, but it might be a downside for people who tend to push the chair back in a more reclined position. The chair’s seat is a bit narrow for people with a larger build, and people have found out that the chair’s durability is a little low. Despite having these issues, it is one of the most affordable chairs. 


    • Simpler for use.
    • Comparatively lightweight
    • Not very costly.


    • For short heightened people, the chair is slouchy.
    • Not so durable.

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong

Tip: Best Overall Camping Chair

Key Features:

    • Weight: 12.5lb
    • Cup holder: 2
    • Storage pocket : 3
    • Adjustable armrests
    • Comfort 40%
    • Portability 25%
    • Durability 20%
    • Ease of Set-up 15%

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong as the name reflects its description of quality. This is the most comfortable chair among all the variety of chairs. Its fabric is a little padded, gives the chair that soft, comfortable feel, and makes it ideal for lounging for a more extended period. The seat is created so that it is spacious, and its frame is durable and provides the required stability. The chair’s weight capacity is around 800 pounds, and therefore its fabric has been made to be very durable. 

It has all the functional storage capacity, containing two cup holders, side pockets, and an extra small pocket behind the headrest. The chair’s setup is straightforward and takes only a few seconds. However, all that comfortability and inclusive, innovative features are at a high cost. Due to extra features incurs extra pounds, King Kong is one of the market’s most massive chair models. The chair doesn’t have a headrest, therefore not at all ideal for an afternoon nap. Simultaneously, this chair is a must-have; when it comes to camping, fishing, tailgating, and all outdoor activities, this mode fulfills all your needs. It’s strongly recommended and a great camping chair.


    • Big in size and comfortable.
    • The seat is padded.
    • Material is durable and sturdy.
    • Storage is decent


    • Heavy to move.
    • It’s costly.

Kelty Low Loveseat

Tip: Best for Two-person Seating

Key Features:

    • Comfort 40%
    • Portability 25%
    • Durability 20%
    • Ease of setup 15%
    • Weight :15.5 lb
    • Seats: two
    • Drink holders: 2
    • Armrests: Adjustable 

These chairs never cease to amaze you because of their unbelievably comfortable design meant for two-person seating. This chair design is very stable, with lower height seating than several traditional camping chairs. It is at a comfortable height even for short-height people, as well as taller people. The chair’s material is highly durable and can bear more than extra weight for a long time. Overall, the weight and size are excellent; therefore, this chair has got outstanding attributes. Being a padded chair, it is less airy on a hot summer day, but for its comfort and durability, it gets 100 out of 100.


    • Capacity is more than one seat.
    • Comfortable seating
    • Durability and stability are good.
    • Simple ways to set it up.
    • Cup holders are great.


    • Chair’s get warm
    • These are bulky and heavy.

Helinox Beach Chair

Tip: Best accessory for the beach

Key Features:

    • Comfort 40%
    • Portability 25%
    • Durability 20%
    • Ease of setup 15%
    • Weight: 3.3 lb
    • Mesh sides 
    • Storage sack can be converted into a pillow.

The Helinox beach chair is an impressive new addition to the Helinox chair line. This chair has surprisingly good portability given its size and is an excellent combination of remarkable durability and comfort. Additionally, storage bags can be fitted easily with small things you need at the beach. The storage bags can be changed into a pillow for the height you want or just stick at the chair’s back to be there and not get lost. Its flat legs have the strength to keep you above enough so you can enjoy yourself to your fullest at the beach with family or friends. However, it’s high priced, and this chair is relatively low to the ground, but it is the best choice for a beach day.


    • Convenient for beach relaxation.
    • Stability even in sand.
    • Storage bags can convert into a pillow.


    • High price.
    • The seat is low.

Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair

Tip: Best for supportive seat

Key Features:




Ease of setup:15%


Cupholders: 2 

Storage pocket in the side

Carrying strap included.

Good news for the people who felt sick of sports chairs, this chair is cut out for you. It has a firm base and seat height, which is remarkable. The rear panel is comfortably angled, which helps this chair be soft and cozy rather than rigid. This chair has a good size, and all these supportive features make it the most natural chair to get support. This chair even has an adjustable shoulder carry strap hooked to the back. Once the lock is closed, you hoist it up and go out without the additional carry bag requirement. This creative and exciting design makes this folded pack extraordinarily long. It offers excellent support and precisely the comfort you have been looking for on your outdoor day.


    • This chair is highly supportive.
    • A carry strap is included and attached to the back.
    • More stability due to the locking mechanism.
    • Easy to open and set up.


    • Easily stains.
    • After packing, it is quite long.

Nemo Stargaze Recliner Chair

Tip: Best recliner for stargazing

Key Features:

    • Comfortable design
    • Portable
    • Sturdy
    • Pricey setup
    • Weight: 6 lbs. 5 oz.
    • Mesh sides 
    • Auto-reclining feature
    • Aircraft-grade aluminum suspension frame
    • Padded carrying case easy to carry on shoulders 
    • No-spill cup-holder
    • Padded arm-rest
    • Stash Pocket

Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair is a next-generation stretch back seat. It’s a 3-in-1 recliner, hammock, and rocking chair. The comfortable seat has a mostly mesh body with an air-craft grade frame that swings back and forth, reclines, and stays upright. This lounger seat comes with a padded headrest and arm-rest that are not only comfortable but offer ample storage space, featuring a cup holder and a phone pocket. 

The chair’s versatility and overall features can not be overlooked. If you want to treat yourself to a deep lounger position, this is the go-getter for you.  Right from all the tiny comforts you crave, an adjustable headrest, a no-spill cup holder, and an additional pocket to store your mobile or handy things. The chair setup is super easy; you can pack and carry quickly, including a padded carry case. The case can be tucked on the shoulders as it comes with a strap.


    • Mesh is non-absorbent of water, withstands rough weather 
    • comfortable, reclining, swinging, and rocking
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Most sturdier than any other chair


    • Overpriced

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair

Tip: Best Camping Chair

Key Features:

    • Seat height: 18.1 in.
    • Weight: 9 lbs. 14 oz.
    • Comfortable, backed up by an in-built drink cooler
    • Light-weighted
    • Steel Frame and strapping fabric
    • padded seat

Coleman oversized quad chair is a big tick on all aspects and has everything that many campers vouch for. Its padded seat and backrest are super comfy. It’s spacious and comfortable to carry. It can be folded, making it portable. The chair also comes with a built-in cooler in the arm-rest for keeping the drinks chilled. This chair is far better than those cheaper chairs available on Amazon. The frame is also lightweight, and the fabric is better than the flimsier ones. Coleman Oversized Quad certainly offers more than its price to the users. 


    • Light-weighted
    • Built-in cooler in the arm-rest
    • Comfortable
    • Affordable
    • Spacious


    • The frame may start to rust if not taken care of

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Socket

Tip: Assured comfort noticeably

Key Features:

    • Comfort 40%
    • Portability 25%
    • Durability 20%
    • Ease of setup 15%
    • Weight 12.2lb
    • Rockers are loaded with springs
    • Includes cup holder

This is a comparatively low-priced chair. The back and seat both are a little stiff and tend to be upright. Don’t leave the chair out in direct sunlight for a longer time, as it can substantially damage the chair. Occasional oiling is required for rockers to make them glide smoothly and without noise. However, GCI freestyle rocker is a perfect option for a rocking chair that can be used outdoors.


    • This chair is highly supportive of several different types of body.
    • Its design makes for a smooth rocker.
    • Easy setup, not complicated.


    • Rockers need periodic oiling as maintenance.
    • Sometimes, it might be stiff.

Yeti Trailhead Camp Chair

Tip:  Overstated for casual campers

Key Features:

    • Dimension: 30x36x25-inch
    • Seat Height: 17in.
    • Weight: 13lbs. 5oz
    • Sleek design
    • Super-built

Texas-based, Yeti has expanded its product listing substantially after its premium coolers had extreme success over the last few years, unexpectedly enough. Its Trailhead Camp Chair follows a formula: its high durability and top-notch material quality, which allows for a sufficiently large enough space and an incredibly comfortable experience. It has a sleek design that looks part while simultaneously being easy to fold. It is priced at $300 and is Yeti’s priciest chair currently on this list by a high margin, but it provides an enjoyable experience for sporting events, concerts, and camping while lasting for numerous years to come.

It is also worth mentioning that Yeti manufactures a second camp chair model called the Hondo. It is priced the same; however, it packs more weight with it, 16 pounds more, which can be a bit troublesome when you’re placing it a further distance away from your car. It is equipped with horizontal bars positioned at the bottom for support, which is helpful and works according to intent when things reasonably flat.


    • Highly comfortable
    • Easy to fold
    • High-quality
    • Durable


    • Weights heavy and pricey, excessive for casual purposes


Your outdoor experience is elevated and comfortable with these stretch back seats by maximizing your lounging enjoyment. We have recommended some of the most comfortable, luxurious, light-weight, and easy-to-carry camping chairs. We hope this should ease out your pursuit of the best camping seat. A comfortable chair that is durable, portable, and has some accessories which can make your beach day or outdoor day a fantastic one and at the same time not weigh very heavy on the pockets.

The luxury of sitting on a comfortable chair when you are camping or in your backyard lounging can add an excellent experience to your outdoor activities. However, the best model for you will depend on your lifestyle ultimately.  You must consider a few key features like portability, durability, price, and above all, comfort level. Above all, keep the vibes flowing, whether trout, camping in your backyard, or the wilderness with your comfy nap seats.