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5 Eco-Friendly Heating And Cooling Systems

Did you know that the air condition can cause pollution that is highly serious for the environment? Most of the time, we think of recycling and reusing materials for an environmentally friendly approach—however, the appliances and devices we use for more than the reduction we desire. Air conditioners release Chloral Fluoro Carbons (CFC), gases that have been known to deplete the ozone layer. An increase in carbon emissions has further led to the rise in temperature, causing a greenhouse effect that has led to the global warming phenomenon. The glaciers are melting, water levels are increasing, and we have catastrophic floods occurring in most parts of the world.

These heating and cooling systems at our homes are a big culprit for emitting many green gases. Therefore, starting with these appliances will be a great move towards protecting the endangered environment. However, some cannot survive without the HVAC system, and hence this article will provide green and Eco-friendly alternatives that will serve the same purpose.


Wind Power

Wind power is the cleanest energy resource. This power can be harnessed to produce heat without the need for higher windmills. A wind turbine can be installed in locations that experience high-speed winds. These can be installed on rooftops wherein the rotating motion of the turbine can induce the heating of materials such as copper tuning. In this way, hot water can be supplied across the house, and the heat produced can be used to increase the house’s temperature. 

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Selecting a suitable turbine is vital for figuring out the logistics and installation. Make sure your cement foundation is intact to take the load of the turbine. Know the alternating and direct current wiring for an efficient installation. Some companies supply wind energy to homes, so quick collaborations can be made to go sustainable and renewable.

Geothermal Systems

Geothermal heat pumps use the constant temperature of the earth instead of the ambient temperature for an exchange medium. These systems can heat or fabulous pumps and can equip supply hot water to the house. Closed looped systems are the most cost-effective tubing for residential installations. All they require is two pipes, one installed at six feet while the other at four. It is a horizontal system occupied in a lower trench, thereby cuts down the installation costs. 

The ground temperature absorbs heat during the summer and emits heat during the winter, pumped into a heat pump in your house. Depending on the season, heat will either be absorbed, keeping the temperatures low in your home, or heat will emit, increasing the temperatures inside.

Passive Solar Heating

Passive solar design is dependent upon the building’s site and climate to reduce heating and cooling loads via strategies that are energy efficient. Its mechanism of action is via a collection of the solar heat through south-facing windows and retaining this heat in thermal mass. Bricks, stones, or concrete can most often absorb this heat during summer and absorb the warm heat in the house during winters.

One of the most common designs is the direct gain design, wherein the sun rays enter the house through south-facing windows from which they get reflected into the walls and the floors. The solar heat gets stored in these places after that. Sometimes, some builders even use thermal water holders because of their capacity to store vast portions of solar energy.


Biodiesel is a viable fuel obtained from energy crops such as wheat, sugarcane, soybean, and corn. Because it is plant-based, it will release carbon into the atmosphere, however, in smaller quantities. This alternative way has been efficient to go to the Eco-friendly manner and reduce the heavy dependence of the nation f on external and foreign oil.

One piece of advice is to have a qualified HVAC service before you hoard your furnace with biodiesel. Freezing weather can freeze it while storing in high concentration can clog up the filters requiring frequent professional visits. Therefore, make sure to take the right advice from the professionals before installing and making changes to the existing system.

Upgrade The Existing System

Before you go the environment-friendly way, you can find ways to make changes to the existing system. These changes will reduce the loss on the environment and will not need you to take big decisions at the moment.

– Servicing The Heating And Cooling Devices

HVAC systems can get slow as they age. They also are open to damages and frequent repair, and therefore if your unit has crossed over a decade, then the wisest decision is to replace it with a new one. Modern systems are designed to reduce their load on the environment. Also, check the SEER ratings because the more the ratings, the more will be efficient.

– Implementing Zoning

A zoning system makes use of closed-circuit units to heat or cool areas. Thereby the temperature of each zone is dependent on the occupant. In this way, you can switch off the zone in a room where it is not functional. Three systems are cost-effective, efficient, and reduce the excessive load on the environment.

– Maintenance And Repair

Leaks in the tubing and ducting systems can hinder the air from reaching its destination. Also, improper insulation in your home can cause the air to leak out. These reasons are severe and need to be catered to because they result in the nation’s loss of 30% heating and cooling energy.

The Bottom Line!

Moving towards a greener approach is a smart move. It follows environmental regulations, is easy to install and maintain, and is cost-effective. If you plan to reduce the carbon footprints you produce, your air conditioning system is where you can begin. This device is required the most, and so its use is above the threshold. If alternative and greener methods are employed, then you can do your bit in protecting the environment. Another important aspect is to maintain and service older systems that pose a severe threat. It is each one’s duty to keep their systems in excellent condition with regular checks ups by technicians and professionals. Let us begin today for a better tomorrow.