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Upcycling Ideas For The Outdoors

By putting on the creative hat, you can upcycle many things and give them a completely new life. It adds so much beauty to your outdoor areas. There are several easy and creative ideas to upcycle the household items, furniture, and not so valuable artifacts that can make your garden or patio look unique and exciting. Let us explore some interesting Upcycling garden ideas and garden furniture designs to revamp the outdoors:


Old Lanterns Converted To Plant Holders

You can quickly transform an antique pulley with lanterns attached to it into beneficial plant holders. You can plant your favorite house plants in these lanterns. It will brighten up your garden space. You can even hang these planted lanterns in the outdoor living space to give a fresh feel.

Don’t Throw Away The Old Wheelbarrow.

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Now you no more need to throw away the old rusted wheelbarrow. You can easily add a potting soil mix and plant some colorful plants that fall out from the wheelbarrow. It will add a pop of color to the entire landscape.

Solar Light Centerpiece

You can easily replace the traditional lights with solar-powered lights outdoors. These lights are perfect for outdoor activities and help you pay back to nature too. Place a homemade solar light on the outdoor table to add shine to the entire ambiance.

Wine Bottle Turned To Lamp

Have you ever imagined the beautiful wine bottles converted into torchlight? They are perfect to light the outdoor path or place them on tabletops to provide a soft glow. Use various bottle colors to make them enhance the ambiance. 

Chest Of Drawers To Plant Flowers

There is no need to throw away the old chest of drawers anymore. You can upcycle and use them as a cute cabinet to display your greens. The drawers can act as grow bags for your flowers. Spray paint these drawers, plant some vibrant flowers, and place them in the corner to brighten up space.

Potting Bench

One of the best-upcycled garden ideas is to use a worn-out bench and turn it into a planter. It will give a positive vibe to your outdoor space. The bench that was about to be discarded can easily be converted into an outdoor garden. Spray paint the bench and arrange cute terracotta pots of varied sizes that will bloom to their most total this season.

 Old Containers As Birdhouses And Feeders

You can welcome birds to your garden space by making cute birdhouses using old containers. Cut them from the side and paint them with your favorite color to add spice to the entire landscaping. Every bird will enjoy sitting and feeding for a while in these birdhouses.

Upcycled Wind Chimes

Did you ever imagine using a pre-loved fork, spoon, or knife being turned into a beautiful wind chime? These super cute wind chimes will provide a soft and calming touch to the place. Color the once used cutlery in your favorite color and tie them up in the shape of a chine (at different heights) to get a fantastic sound effect. Just relax to the tune of their music on a breezy day.

Old Cycle Turned To A Planter

There is no need to discard your old bicycle as trash. Get your favorite spray paints and color the cycle to give it a new look. Plant your blossoms in the cycle basket and place them in your backyard. It is nothing less than an exclusive piece of art that brightens up the entire space. 

Turning Crib Into A Baby Garden

The old crib can easily be upcycled to a lovely potholder. Paint it with a color of your choice, and it is ready to hold your planters. The colorful red, white lilies can be potted in lovely terracotta pots and placed in this crib. It will add to the beauty of your backyard.


Now that you’ve come to know about many creative ideas, bring out your creative hat and try making these outdoor items yourself. From trash to riches, these upcycled pieces will add up to the charm of the yard.

Be it an old shovel turned into a decorative signboard or an old cup of tea redesigned into small pots to bloom flowers. All these creations are worth it. The outdoor living space gets a new spark by adding these upcycled products to the patio or backyard.