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Patio Designs For Outdoor Sleeping

What could be better than sleeping outside on your charming patio? With fairy lights hanging all around and the night sky full of stars. You could sit with a warm cup of coffee or with a book and completely lose yourself in this dream-like world. This outdoor experience becomes exponentially better when your patio is beautifully decorated according to your taste. Therefore, we have curated a list of the most lovely and fascinating designs for your patio. 


Pastel Blue And White Cottage Design 

Fulfill your cottage-core fantasy by designing your patio with baby blue and white color themes. Pastel blue and white color combinations have a very soft look to them. You can have a hanging bed to nap on or to read a book. You can also have antique beds made of iron. You can accentuate the beauty and comfort with beautiful knitted wraps and blankets. You can get sheets of different shades of blue with throw pillows along with them. Floral designs on the bed’s sheets and pillows will only add to the charm of your patio. You can also get screens if there are a lot of bugs in your neighborhood. 

Clean White Sleeping Patio 

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The entire theme for this patio is white with a lot of space. You can have a large hanging bed suspended with steel cables or chains; this will add to the look or paint the bed and use white bedsheets. Along with this, installing bamboo blinds can make all the difference. It will have a chic look with both contemporary and old-style mixed. The blinds will help you control the amount of sunlight, and you can roll them down while you enjoy a nap outdoors. White fairy lights will go very well with the entire look. You can also keep vanilla-scented candles to enhance the ambiance. 

Has-It-All Hangout 

This is your chance to go the extra mile while designing your patio. This is the perfect hangout spot with screens and long, flowing curtains. These will not only protect you from bugs and the glare of the sun, but also they will give a very contemporary look. You can have a hanging bed and several plush cushion chairs and add an ottoman or a side table. Keeping a stack of books on the ottoman or side table will make the space look more inviting, and you can easily pick up a book to read. You can add throw pillows everywhere and a few indoor house plants to make it the most relaxing spot. Decide the color combination according to your taste and liking. 

Sunshine Yellow Patio 

This design is all about bright, vibrant colors with a mix of antique and modern designs. Paint the walls bright yellow and color the iron bed baby pink with white bedsheets to highlight the yellow-pink color combination. You can add a rustic, old chair by the bedside. To really get the cottage look, you can add hanging house plants to the patio. If you want it to be extra special, add a chic chandelier with a rustic look. You can also keep an iron candle stand. 

Tea-Time Patio

You can have a steaming cup of tea or coffee with biscuits on your patio as it drizzles. For this look, there will be no hanging beds but a garden table and rustic chairs. You can paint the table and chair to give a more personal look. Wide wooden chairs are a great idea with plush cushions and throw pillows on them. Place a small painted stool next to them to stack your books and hang lanterns to give it a warm, homey vibe. 


For all these looks, you can go to Pinterest for visual inspiration. You can keep your patio minimalistic or be extravagant. Ensure that you follow all the safety procedures, such as installing a screen (if needed), a roof cover, and a low railing. Only use water and fade-resistant furniture and fabric to be out in the sun and exposed to rain. You can even add a ceiling fan for a breezy time. Do not shy away from adding and executing your own ideas. Let your creativity run wild and create the most comfortable and charming patio to sleep outdoors.