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Things To Do If You Ever Get Stranded

When you travel, you need to prepare for anything. No matter what kind of trip it is or how long you’re going for, you need to be set for anything that might proceed your way. That’s why it’s essential to be well equipped with the necessary survival items (and skills) to keep you safe. The thought of having to live on a deserted island, with only a few supplies and no rescue, is a sobering thought, but is it as bad as it sounds? The truth is that most people who get stranded on islands do not die. So even if you weren’t the best swimmer, you could still survive on a deserted island. And with some know-how, this doesn’t have to be a hopeless endeavor.


The desert island can be a terrifying place to live. You may have all the quantities you need, but no fresh water and food sources are scarce. Many things will help your chances of survival on this desolate land. First, find a sheltered place from the sun so you won’t overheat or dehydrate in the heat. 

Finding A Source Of Drinking Water

One of the essential features of preparing to survive on a desert island is finding a source of drinking water. Water is critical to every single cell in your body. Without water, you could not live for more than a few days, and what could be worse than being thirsty on a deserted island? 

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That’s why you should prepare to have a source of drinking water that you can use when the need arises. Having a source of water is a step towards being ready to survive on a desert island.

Find Or Build Yourself A Shelter

If you want to survive on a desert island, you’ll need to learn how to make yourself a shelter. Some people build one out of trees, others out of branches and foliage. And you can make one with nothing more than some tarpaulin and a rock.


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